Lexi and JuJu's Babysitting Service

In the Dudgeon Monroe and Bay Creek neighborhoods!

About Us!

Hello, our names are Julia and Alexa, we are looking to sit for kids ages 2-8. We love kids, and wanted to babysit kids over the course of a couple years. We have taken the online Red Cross Course with a result of 100%. We both have done dance, and Alexa does gymnastics, Julia does Girl Scouts. We are also open to helping kids with homework. We would like you to know that we could come together or alone depending on your preferences. We have both read the American Girl books on babysitting. We love kids so much, we hope that you enjoy our "Free Trial" for your first babysitting visit. We will hold a "get to know you" before our first job. We hope that you and your kids will enjoy our services.


Lexi (11 yrs.) Julia(11 yrs.)

Our Rates!

For our rates, we can negotiate for the price per hour. However, we will ask more for babysitting more kids.

  • For one kid, $6-$8 an hour.
  • For two kids, $7-$10.
  • For three, $8-$12.
  • For four kids, we can negotiate.

About Julia!

I am a 11 year old girl, and I go to Hamilton Middle School. My info is down below, in school months I can be reached any time in between 3 PM. and 7 PM. Throughout the summer, I can be reached from 9 AM.-8 PM.

About Alexa!