Tay-Sach's Disease

by: ryan barber

Backround on Tay-Sach's disease

Tay-Sach's disease isn't very common because it requires having two recessive alleles. This is also a sex-linked disorder and occurs on chromosome 15 or otherwise known as HEX-A. Tay-Sach's also only occurs in infants. It is most common in French-Canadian communities in Quebec, the Amish community in Pennsylvania, and the Cajun population in the state of Louisiana.

symptoms, side effects,and harm to the body caused by tay-sach's disease

The main sign whether someone has Tay-Sach's disease is if there is a red spot on the macula which is located near the retina. There is also a slow on the development of the body and mind. Another is getting very easily startled by loud noises. Then Paralysis usually comes later. Along with progressing blindness, deafness, and stuttered speech. The muscles also stiffen and weaken as the disease progresses.

How doctors diognose tay-sach's disease

Doctors will do certain prenatal tests like chronic villus sampling, and amniocentesis. They are also able to just do a physical examination, or check the families' genetic history.

Family Support

There is currently no cure for this disease, so having an infant who is diagnosed with Tay-Sach's disease can be a tragedy for families. But there are support groups that can help others through this hard time. Or you can even talk to other families.

How to Care for a Child with Tay-Sach's

You want to try to keep the infant as comfortable as possible. Like giving them medications for pain and siezures. You can also give them physical therapy, feeding tubes, which help with mucus buildup, along with respitory care.