Weekly Launch

October 16-20


-For at least the first 2 report cards, they will all be printed and signatures will be required for every student.

-Suzi, Jen, and I will be out Thursday and Friday for the Character Conference. Dawn McIntyre will be our admin in charge those two days. She will need to be off campus Thursday morning for a training. Gina Brown will be on call for her during the morning. Please try to take care of issues in the classroom.

-Goals are due today!

-Parents should be contacted ASAP if their child has a failing grade on the the report card. Please use Friday afternoon to take care of this if you are able.

-Please make sure to keep track of your parent conferences, phone calls and email this year. You do not have to use a particular form. Just something that works for you.

-Please continue to remind your students of the hallway expectations. Students should not be in the hallway until the bell rings at 3:05

-Please start dipping into Dreambox if you have not already. The district is shooting for a soft start to Dreambox on November 1st. They will begin sharing data with us on the usage of each campus. Stephanie Hirsch is doing a great job of sharing information with everyone. Please see her or Sue if you need support!

Important Dates

October 16-Beginning of 2nd 9 weeks

Kinder BAS opens

Jump Rope for Heart Week

Lit 1 K-1

October 17-Finalize grades

CIIC meeting

October 18-1st Learning Progression-math/am SS/pm

4th grade planning day


October 19-Jen B, Suzi and Jen M. out

Wear your character shirt

1st Math Collaboration-ESC

Lit 1 2-3

Report cards go home

October 20-Jen B, Suzi, Jen M. out

Alpha-5th grade

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Don't forget to buy your jeans pass to wear jeans and pink on Oct. 16, 23, and 30. Tina Fogleman just shared with me that she has breast cancer. It was caught early and she will have to undergo radiation and surgery-no chemo at the moment. We want to use the money from the jeans passes to provide gift cards to her and Stacy for meals.

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Self-Control

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-Bionat

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Word of the Week-Portion

Shout out to 2nd grade for 100% PTA membership!

Teacher Perfect Attendance List

Here is the list we were able to run in Aesop. If you feel your name has been left off, let me know! I will let you know when your Sonic drinks are coming :0) Thank you for being here every day!

Elizabeth Bartley

Meghan Bionat

Susan Bush

Charidy Chancey

Chelsea Coipel

Haley Deem

Tracey Florez

Janae Foster

Nicole Janese

Emily Matthew

Terri May

Dawn McIntyre

Heather Patterson

Michele Radler

Mary Serbantez

Lizzette Sims

Lora Steiger

Jessie Ting

Lacey Turrentine

Share your character idea!

Don't forget to share out your character idea on the it's learning NPE Launch pad! Sue added the section to the home page so you can find it easily!


Compliment for:

Rosemary Lagrone-She is always so so kind and patient no matter what is going on in her own life. Just love her! Mary Serbantez

Elizabeth Bartley-she is always streamlining and simplifying new concepts for her team-Christine Wagner