Easy Portion Control Tips

Ways to improve your eating ways with ease to remain healthy

Eat lightly!

Try to cut down on the meat, making it a side dish. Instead, for the main food, try a salad or something else known to be good.

Keep your meals small!

As tempting as it may be, say no to giant meals on big plates. A lot of meats and leftovers should both be kept out of sight, too. That way the urge to over eat on them won't pop up. When going out to eat, order off the kids menu. The smaller meals are a great way to keep your portions controlled.

Also, when storing your meals, try to keep left overs in separate containers to reduce temptation to eat large unneeded meals.

Still remember to treat yourself!

Whether it be for a meal or a snack, remember to enjoy and eat what you like, just not in excess.

While snacks may be unhealthy, an occasional sugary treat isn't so bad. There's also healthy alternatives to them, such as fruits, like apples and bananas.