Chandler Glass's Page


I was born here in Huntsville, TX on December 26, 1996. My mother, Tish Glass, grew up in Lovelady, TX while my father grew up in Madisonville, TX. My dad, Tim Glass, works as a project manager in pipeline and my mother does not work. My parents are my role models. They raised me with grace and perfection and I strive to be as supportive, loving, and understanding as them when I become a parent. I also have two half brothers, Tim and Garrett. Tim has a different father than me and Garrett has a different mother than me. They are both working for my father in Columbus, Ohio on a project. Tim is engaged to be married with a little boy on the way.

Favorite Memory

My very favorite memory is whenever I made the club volleyball team I am on now. It's such a good team and I worked so hard to make the team.

Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is a giraffe. Why you ask? i do not know. They're so large and strange but for some reason I find them absolutely adorable.

Favorite Hobby

I absolutely love volleyball. It is my favorite thing to do. Everyone has the one thing that they love and couldn't imagine their life without and mine is volleyball. It consumes my life and destroys my social life, but i wouldn't have it any other way.