MHS Entrepreneurship Sale!

All items are handmade by MHS Entrepreneurship students.

Proceeds to benefit the following charities:

Each semester, the Mansfield High School Entrepreneurship students create a small business in class to learn the ins-and-outs of running a business. They learn by doing! Students donate their proceeds to a local charity of their choice. This semester's proceeds will be donated to the Mansfield Animal Shelter and NEADS World Class Service Dogs.

Since the inception of this project, Mrs. Prester's Entrepreneurship students have donated over $10,150 to local organizations! In recent semesters, students have also made microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs in 23 countries through Students in Mansfield are making an impact in their own community and around the world!

Bentley Ornaments - $5 each

Bentley, Mansfield's Assistance Dog, has made a profound impact on our community! To honor him, students made a Bentley-themed product this semester. He served as the model for these wooden ornaments. Bentley's actual paw print adorns each one!

You can also follow Bentley on social media: Facebook | Instagram

Assorted Painted Ornaments - $5 each

Assorted Scrunchies - $2 each

These scrunchies were made from upcycled fabric donated from several kind seamstresses who otherwise would've discarded the leftover remnants.

Candles - $5 each

These candles come in 4 ounce mini Mason jars. They are available in the following scents:

  • Christmas Tree
  • Cinnamon
  • Gingerbread
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Vanilla

Braided Dog Toys - $3 each

These braided dog toys were made from upcycled t-shirts donated by community members.

Where can you buy these awesome items?

MHS Parent-Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 12-2pm

250 East Street

Mansfield, MA

MHS Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Dec. 5th, 12-8:30pm

250 East Street

Mansfield, MA

Contact Information

Jacqueline Prester, MHS Business Teacher