SWITZER Back to School Update

August 19, 2022

Update from Mr. Palmer

Welcome Back Switzer Families,

Our team of teachers, office staff and custodians have been working all month to get ready for another great school year! Make sure to start practicing waking up and going to bed early. Lots of information to share so please make sure to scroll down.

August 24: Bus stop information emailed to families

August 25 (after 3pm): Classroom Assignments emailed to families

August 29: Meet and greet for young 5's, kindergarten and 1st grade (See below)

August 30: First Day of School.

  • ½ day. School starts at 8:40 and we dismiss at 11:44.
  • Students will go to their assigned areas (See Arrival and Dismissal below)
  • Attached below is our parking lot procedure map. By working together, we can arrive safely and maximize efficiency.
  • The first day is extremely busy so if you plan to stay, you may have to park at the hardware store and walk over.
  • Boo Hoo Yahoo for parents out front (See flyer below)

August 31: Full day of School

School starts at 8:40 and we dismiss at 3:30.

September 2-5: NO SCHOOL

September 7: Switzer Open House 6:30 pm

September 9: Outdoor Movie Night (Free) 7pm

September 14: No School (Teacher Professional Development)

September 20 Picture Day (More information to come)

School Supply Lists

Grade level supply lists can be found below.

Meet and Greet (Young 5's, kindergarten and 1st grade only)

Monday, Aug. 29th, 4:30-5:30pm

53200 Shelby Road

Shelby Township, MI

Young 5,s and Kindergarten will meet on the play pad by Shelby road. First grade will meet on the play pad near the back of the parking lot.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students will line up outside of their classroom/designated area on the play pad. We will bring the students in when the bell rings at 8:40. If you arrive late and see that students have already gone in, please come to the main front door.

Switzer designated areas:

  • young 5's and all kindergarten: Main Front doors
  • Nicolai/ Kohl: Classroom doors by “Big Blue”
  • 3rd grade: Side playground by the dumpsters
  • 2nd grade : Side playground entrance by Shelby Road.
  • Grades 4-6: Classroom Doors in the back of the building.
  • Parents may walk their student to their exterior classroom door on the first day August 30. It is also a good idea to set a meeting spot out front in case you are delayed in the future. (A bench or tree)
  • Due to security protocol we ask that parents remain outside. If you need to come in the building, please come to the main entrance. Thank you for your support.

After the first day of school, we ask that parents say hello/goodbye at the fence. Staff will be outside directing students on where to line up. We will also help guide students to and from their bus.

At the end of the day, students will be dismissed directly from their designated areas. Students who will be using UCS transportation will be supervised as they walk to their bus.

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Make sure to update powerschool

PowerSchool Password Reset - PowerSchool is the student system used by Utica Community Schools, all Macomb County schools and districts across the nation. Recently, an update has been made to PowerSchool which will require parents/guardians to reset their password when logging in for the first time since August 2, 2022. For information, please see: https://bit.ly/3BX2mJQ

Technology Insurance

Utica Community Schools is proud to deliver 1:1 technology to our students. Depending upon the grade level, your child has been issued either an iPad or a Dell laptop including charging cords and any applicable accessories. Your child is responsible for the device at all times. In the event of damage to an iPad or laptop, district policies and practices require a charge be assessed to cover the repair or replacement cost of the device. An annual insurance plan has been designed to help families if there is an accident that causes damage to the school issued device. The cost of this device insurance plan is $15.00 per device, to be paid online through PaySchools. The last day to enroll in this device insurance plan is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2022. A full description of the UCS device insurance program, including coverage details and links to PaySchools, is available at https://www.uticak12.org/device We ask that you review the insurance policy at the website above and return this form to your school office indicating your choice to participate in this optional insurance program.

Lunch and breakfast are free for those apply and qualify

For the 2022-2023 school year, families will visit https://utica.familyportal.cloud to fill out the application for free or reduced-price meals, complete HIR forms and to deposit funds into their student’s lunch account (Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted). Please see the attached guide (Family Portal) for questions regarding this transition. Parents can also click the “tutorial” button on the main page of the family portal website for video setup instructions.

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Classroom Supply Lists

The following lists are as of June 2022. Please know there could be some changes come August/September.


•Large Backpack- Labeled

• Lunchbox/Water Bottle – Labeled

• Extra Change of Clothes -Labeled in zip lock bag

• 2-3 Boxes of Kleenex

• 12 Glue Sticks

• 2 boxes 24 Count Crayola Crayons

• #2 Ticonderoga Pencils

• Expo Dry Erase Markers

• 1 Box Gallon Size Ziplock Bags (Boys)

• 1 Box Sandwich Size Ziplock Bags (Girls)

• 8 Count Crayola Washable Markers

• 2 Bottles of Anti-Bacterial Soap



Glue sticks (12)

2 packs of Crayola twistable crayons (not pencils)


Baby wipes

Clorox wipes

Fun folder (no prongs)

2 pack highlighters

Sharpened Ticonderoga pencils

Hand soap

Hand sanitizer

1st Grade:

· *2-24 pack crayons one in supply box one in ziplock bag. (One will be used after holiday break)

· *1 large eraser

· *1 pair of scissors

· *Thin Twistables

· *1 yellow highlighter

· *6 glue sticks-place 2 in child’s small, plastic school box and rest in ziplock bag.

· 1 Package Dry Erase Markers

· 1 Package Washable Markers

· 1 box snack sized Zip-loc bags-GIRLS

· 1 box sandwich sized Zip-loc bags-BOYS

1 pair of headphones

· 2 packages of presharpened Ticonderoga pencils

· 1 clear view 1 inch binder-WITH 25 page protectors unwrapped and inserted-LABELw/name

· 2 large boxes Tissues

1 hand soap (pump)

· 2 refills of unscented “Baby wipes”

1 container of clorox wipes.

· *1 small plastic school box-LABEL w/name and insert unwrapped, starred items from above. All items must fit inside the box, and be able to close!

2nd Grade:

5 pencils

colored pencils (2 packs of 12)

2 highlighters

2-5 glue sticks



2 dry erase markers

pencil box

composition journal

2-pocket folder with prongs - this will go back and forth in backpack

2-pocket folder with or without prongs - this will stay in the desk

** Community supplies (tissues/hand soap) will be done by sign up in the fall.**

3rd Grade:

This list is a rough draft. Final copies of the list will be available closer to the first day of school. 😊

Simple Zippered Pouch for 3-Ring Binder (*This will be used for flashcards and paper items, not school supplies.)

Crayons (box of 24)

Colored Pencils (16 or more)

10 Pencils with Erasers

Small Personal Pencil Sharpener (one that holds the shavings)

1 Large Eraser

10 Glue Sticks


2 Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers (for use with white-board at desk)

Piece of Cloth or Old Clean Sock (to use as a personal white-board eraser)

Highlighters (blue, yellow, pink, green)

Personal Ear Buds or Headphones (for use with computers)

Small Supply Box

Kleenex (2 large boxes)

Pump Hand Soap

Boys: Gallon Size Zip-loc Bags, Container of Lysol or Clorox Wipes

Girls: Sandwich Size Zip-loc Bags, Package of Hand/Baby Wipes

*We have limited room in our desks so please keep markers and super-size crayon boxes at home.

Thank you for understanding!

**Your child will also need a pencil and some simple supplies at home for occasional homework.

4th Grade:

1. **Pencils with handheld sharpener OR Mechanical pencils with extra lead

2. Crayons and/or colored pencils

3. Scissors

4. Glue sticks – 3 or more

5. Highlighter

6. Color checking pen

7. Ruler – with metric and standard measures

8. One composition notebook

9. Expanding folder (Please label each section as follows: Homework/Notes, Science, Math, Social Studies, Writing, Spelling, Reading

10. KLEENEX!! (For classroom use) ☺

11. HAND SOAP! (For classroom use) ☺

12. Disinfecting wipes (For classroom use) ☺ 1

3. Durable backpack

14. One small crayon box/pencil case to hold supplies

15. Earbuds/Headphones (labeled -for personal use with computer)

**Students in Mrs. Romain’s class will also need Post-It Notes

5th Grade:

Mr. Aisthorpe

5th Grade Supply List

• A good attitude

• 3 spiral notebooks (8 1/2 by 11)

• Composition Book for Journaling

• Pencil/Eraser

• Pen

• 1-2 highlighters

• Ruler-metric on one side, standard on other

• Glue Stick

• Scissors

• Crayons or colored pencils

• Keep some loose leaf paper at home.

• A silent reading book (have at all times)

• Please no trapper keepers, zippered notebooks, or

plastic boxes. We don't have enough space.

• We can always use cleaning wipes if you care to donate.


Supply List:

• 1 small pencil case or pouch – Please LABEL with name and fill with the starred items below (Pencil case needs to fit in desk):

• Thin twistables *

• 1 box of crayons*

• 1 box of markers *

• 1 large eraser *

• 1 pair of scissors *

• 1 pack of yellow highlighters *

• 2 glue sticks *

Other Supplies:

• 1.5 inch clear view binder with a pack of dividers WITH pockets unwrapped and inserted. Please LABEL binder with name.

• 1 pack of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper •

4 composition notebooks

• 1 pair of headphones

• 2 boxes of pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils

• 1 box of gallon or sandwich Ziplock bags – BOYS

• 1 box of Kleenex – BOYS

• 1 container of Clorox or unscented baby wipes – GIRLS

• 1 hand soap (pump) - GIRLS


Personal Supplies

• 4 Composition Notebooks Labeled: Math, Reading, Journal, and Social Studies

• Scissors • Several Glue Sticks

• Colored Pencils

• Several Pencils with Erasers

• Pencil Bag (Please make sure it can fit in your desk!)

• Personal Hand Sanitzer

Welcomed Classroom Donations

• Wet Ones/Clorox Type Wipes

• Hand Soaps

• Kleenex

• Large Hand Sanitizers

• Sandwich Bags

6th Grade:

3-4 notebooks
3-4 folders
Glue sticks
Colored pencils/Crayons
String backpack for switching classes

Lego Robotics

Please see the attached information if you are interested in joining/helping a lego team at Switzer.