Economic, Cultural, Technological, and Envirmental

Globalization: Claim

Globalization is the elements of economy, culture, technology, and the environment as we share these things across the world.

Map Analysis

The map of Brazil and its resources used to create the adhesive bandages relates to globalization. It relates by the native grown plant called Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber trees) growing naturally in the north-western region of Brazil also known as the Amazon Rainforest. The bandages are manufactured in Brazil because it's really cheap to hire labor and all of the resources are located in the same country. Brazil also has plenty of empty land to create a factory to generate the bandages.

Band-Aid Brand Brazil


One way of transportation from Brazil to the U.S is by Boat. The potential problems with this way of transport is that it takes a very long time and it costs money for fuel, which can be a very big factor to the U.S when they are trying to pay for both the supplies and the transportation. However since the brand is manufactured in Brazil it is cheap to buy the goods because of how cheap it is to make and pay workers.

Another way to transport good is by train, this is another very time consuming way of transportation, the exhaust from the train is very harmful and pollutant to the environment which can cause conflict from some cultures and also cause the environment to die.

A solution to transportation by boat is that since the cost to buy the Band-Aids is so cheap, we didn't have to spend much money on the goods, in the U.S we can sell the Band-Aids for twice the amount that it took to make the product so that way half the money goes to the business while the other half goes towards the cost it took to ship the product over.

There is a solution to transporting by train. A train that carries goods from one place to another is called a freight train. A freight train is one of the most fuel efficient ways of transport that you could imagine. The train runs on diesel fuel and 1 gallon = 480 miles. So clearly the best way of transportation is definitely train because if the U.S is paying for the fuel to send the products to the U.S, they wouldn't be spending very much money.

How does globalization apply to my life?

Globalization applies to my life by my location where I live, the advancement of the technology around me, and the cultures i'm a part of. I live in New Hampshire because of my parents, I was born here and have continued to stay here because of my hobbies and because of the people and friends that my mom and I have come to know. I have also lived in South Carolina for a year because that is where all my family lives and my mom and I thought that that would be a good place for us to live, but it wasn't because I got bullied a lot in school because I was one of the only non- African american students there and also my mom couldn't find a job so we moved back to New Hampshire. I use everyday technologies that advance constantly, some examples of these technologies are; my cell phone, computers, and books. Some of the cultures I am a part of are, Pinkerton Academy, Hillside Equestrian Farm, and Hooksett NH. The economy also affects my life because its important to my everyday life, for example, its important that the average price of gas in New Hampshire is $1.74, that's important to know because its the currency of N.H gas and how much money my mom or I have to spend at the gas station. Globalization affects everyone's life, weather it's positive or negative it will always be there as it is everyday in my life.