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Best Practices Spotlight

The Restaurant, Retail, and Real Estate group recently piloted a new way to organize client information. The new format is easy to use, helps avoid redundant requests, and minimizes the amount of time spent organizing originals. This new process could be a busy season game changer for you!

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Welcomes, Farewells, and Congrats

Technical Tips

V-Lookups can be a great way to analyze data in a short amount of time. They are particularly useful when comparing year over year information. For a tutorial on how to use V-lookups to increase your excel skills and possibly improve your efficiency, Click


Client Corner

Last month we signed ROAR! Beverages as a new client. Roar has been in business since 2001 and is located in Atlanta. We will be billing tax and audit work for ROAR! and Tommy Lee's group will be handling the initial tax work for this client. Drink more ROAR!

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