Snap It!

By: Matylda Lally

Snap It!

Bored of a regular camera? Want something new and exciting? Well this is your lucky day!

Snap It! is a new kind of camera. It takes blurred out photos for you!

Blurred photos are very popular, but now you don't have to go though the process of blurring them out yourself. Snap it! does it for you! More than half of people on Instagram use a blur on their photos. Many celebrities use Snap It! to make their photos amazing! Have the coolest photos and get Snap It! We only have a few left. Be the coolest Instagram account out there!

Now it can be yours for the low, low price of $99.95!

Some Amazing Photos Taken By Snap It!

Everyone Loves It!

¨I love this camera! It is exactly what I need. It fits perfectly in my pocket and takes the perfect photo for my new Instagram theme! I always bring my Snap It everywhere!¨

-Phil Lester

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