April 11, 2016

What's up in the Tech World

What is Chrome?

I will be at Lower Campus Monday and Thursday and Upper Campus Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
We have added the Chromebook carts to the resources list and I thought it might be helpful this week to share a little more information about Chromebooks and the Chrome browser. We have been having some issues with Google Drive when using Firefox or Internet Explorer but there doesn't seem to be a problem with the Chrome browser (probably because it is owned by Google). I will be focusing on resources about Chrome and the Chromebooks over the next few weeks.
I had attached a link to three podcasts that I completed for my Master's Degree work below. The first podcast gives you some basics about Chrome and Chromebooks.
The Chrome browser has some great apps and extensions that you can add. When you log in with your google log-in, all of your bookmarks, apps, and extensions will be available to you on any computer.
I got some information about a neat new Chrome extension called Candy. I have included a video about Candy below. Candy is a chrome extension that allows you to capture ideas and thoughts from any web page and use them in your writing projects. You simply highlight the sentences or portion of text you are interested in and Candy saves and displays it in a card together with the author and the source information.
The last link of the page at the bottom has some amazing information about commenting in Google Docs. I am not sure how many of you have your students submit papers in Google Docs and them make suggestions but I had no idea that you could set up some shortcuts for frequently used suggestions!! I have had some many times when I was typing the same phrase over and over. How did I not know about this? Anyway, if you use Google Docs, then you might want to read this post.
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