Core Studios Congratulates the

Running Reformer Girls on completing a half marathon!

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You Girls are an Inspiration!


"With previous injuries and not ever training to run before, I was blown away by how much the running reformer class helped me run faster and injury free. I never thought I would consider myself a runner, but am always impressed with how this group pushes me beyond what I ever thought possible. I have lost weight, gotten in shape and made some amazing friends at Core Studios". Jodi, Running Reformer Client

"My first thought, no way can I run, I passed that time in my life... I am 50 pounds overweight, smoked for 20 years, and never ran a day in my life...but I went. First day I thought I would have a heart attack and just drop to the ground, but I didn't. It was so hard and sweat was pouring off my face but I kept going. Since that day I have developed friendships with other Running Reformer clients and August 11th finished my first half marathon in 2 hours and 39 minutes, a little over 6 months after my first run ever. And I am signed up for three more 1/2 marathons, Running Reformer has pushed me farther than I ever thought I could or would go". Kim, Running Reformer Client