1880-1920 Events

Sherman Anit-Trust Act

This act was passed in 1890 by Congress. This prohibited businesses that causes the government to investigate them or that prevented trade in the government. This was a shame on the country becuase the banned businesses without full cause.

Transcontinental Railroad

This was the first major railroad in the US. The Chinese came to America to work on the railroad. This was a shame and proud, because the Chinese for no credit for the work they did. Americans acted like they built it. It is proud because this railroad was a great accomplishment for the U.S.

Dawes Act

This act took the Indian land and divided it into different parts. This not only took their land it took their culture. The Indians were very in touch with their land and they would have to leave their ancestors. This is a shame because we moved into the Indians land and then made an act to take it away.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island was the stopping point for immigrants coming into the US. This stopping point did not take long. Majority made it through, however they wanted to make sure they were in fine health condition. I was proud of this because we tried our best to let anyone in. We made it very easy to pass the tests. However it was also a shame because some of the families would have to be separated in the process.

Chinese Exclusion Act

This act had a ten year ban on the Chinese immigration. The Chinese Americans were allowed to stay and work. However this was the first immigration act put upon the US. I think this was a shame because the Chinese helped up build majority of our things. Without them we couldn't have done a lot, and then we just throw them out of our country.

Pull and Push Factors

Pull factors were something that pulled immigrants into our country. Push factors were something that pushed the immigrants out of their country. I was proud of pull factors because it shows how the country is appealing to other countries. I found push factors to be shameful for the other countries, but good for us because we got a lot more workers.


Infrastructure was once of the first movements that started changing the city. This made the buildings start to go up instead of sideways to make more room. This was both proud and a shame because it was the revolution of our cities. However it brought much pollution into our cities.

16th Amendment

This Amendment lowered the income tax to 25%. This Amendment was signed by Wilson. I was very proud of this because finally the taxs were fair for everyone. This showed that they actually wanted to help the poor.


These were small huts that were supposed to be like houses. They were basically rooms that large families were forced to live in because they had no other money. They were forced to pay to live in the slums. These were shamed because we had the resources to build better houses but we didn't use them.

19th Amendment

This Amendment gave women the right to vote. The women had fought hard for this Amendment to be in place. Alice Paul lead this revolution. This was both a shame and proud, because the women shouldn't have had to fight this hard in the first place for the right to vote. But they did finally get the right to vote after many rigorous years.

Child Labor Act

Many children had to work during this time period to help pay the bills. Either one or both of their parents got sick or they couldn't work for some reason. Or both of them working just wasn't enough. Many children would get hurt, or maybe even killed doing these jobs. I was proud of this because children would no longer be able to work if they were younger than 12.

National Parks

One thing Teddy Roosevelt was big about was National Parks. He wanted to make sure the trees and nature were preserved for everyone to see. I was proud of this because parks are a very big part of the US. Also I always enjoy going to any park.

Monroe Doctrine

This stated that when European colonies tried to colonize in North or South America it would be taken as aggressive act. This was both a shame and something to be proud of. It was a shame because we could have thought that someone who doesn't know about the law is trying to attack us. But it was also proud because their only intention was to help the US.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal allowed ships to pass through once part of panama instead of having to sail all the way around South America. They built a canal in order to pass through an area of Panama. I was proud of this because they thought how to effectively get around the problem.

Yellow Journalism

This form of journalism twisted the words. This was in order to change the views of the Americans to believe what they wanted them to. I think this was a shame because we shouldn't try to change peoples views. We should give them the facts and let them think what they believe is right.

Sinking of the Lusitania

This ship was sunk by a submarine without warning. Many innocent men lost their lives. This was one of the things that got the US in the war. This was a proud moment because of how they handled it. We got involved in the war, also got acts that banned submarine warfare.

Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare forced all of the companies to change what they made for the war. This created many new jobs for people back at home. This was proud because of the new job opportunities. But a shame because it stopped production of the products we need.

Selective Service Act

This act forced people to go fight for the war. This effected many families in tearing them apart. This was a shame because we shouldn't have to force people into fighting. It takes them from their families and what if they are the only one who can provide for their family.