Work From Home Best Practices

When do we work from home?

We work from home when the office is closed due to weather or any other pre-arranged date (like a holiday). Remember, working from home is a privilege!

Bad weather WFH info:

  • We always want to take your safety into consideration!
  • If the city buses are not running due to weather, we will be closed.
  • If your Lead/ASL/SA feels it is unsafe to commute to the office, they will notify your team via email and by phone as soon as possible!
  • If you do not believe you can safely make it to work, please reach out to your Lead/ASL/SA- WFH is a privilege and must be approved if its outside of your pre-scheduled days.
  • Here is a link to the Care Contact list if needed: Care Contact List

Equipment for WFH Shift

Always take your computer home and any necessary equipment every night! You never know when a snowstorm will hit the Burgh!

Equipment for WFH shift:

  • Laptop
  • Extra battery charger (ask your lead for an extra to keep as your WFH charger)
  • Soft Phone headset- necessary if you are scheduled for phones!
  • Mouse
  • Wifi- make sure you have a reliable Wifi connection at home!

Connecting to the VPN

We use the VPN server when we WFH to securely access Admin, Supply Chain, etc. Always connect to VPN East when you work at home. In the case that VPN East is not functioning, you may log into the VPN West.

Here are some steps for signing into the VPN:

1. Go to the start menu of your desktop, type in "Cisco AnyConnect" and hit enter once that program shows up.

2. Make sure it says: in the drop down screen. (Unless we are using VPN West for some reason)

3. Log in using this info:

Username: first initial.last name (Example: j.lusk)

Password: Windows password (the password for logging into your computer)

4. You should be successfully logged in, and able to access Admin!

Follow this link to see step-by-step instructions with photos: Connecting to VPN

Using Shoretel at Home

Important info for using ShoreTel at home:

1. Make sure your phone is on Softphone instead of primary phone!

2. When a phone call comes in, make sure you hit the "Answer" button on the pop-up box.

3. Always hit the red phone on ShoreTel to end a call.

View the photo below to see the primary keys for using ShoreTel at home.

Having trouble with Shoretel? Here's what you should do!

1. Restart Shoretel entirely.

2. Restart your computer.

3. Use this guide if you can pick up calls, but cannot here customers: Guide

4, Call HALP- 1-877-MCFORYOU

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Clocking in and out at home!

Since we can't use the time clock at home, advocates need to clock in and out directly through UltiPro.

Click here to see a instructions for using the UltiPro Time Clock!

Great Tips!

  • First time working from home? Test it out ahead of time! Try logging into the VPN, using Admin, and pulling up ShoreTel.
  • Make sure you still clock in on time, sign up on the break schedule, and clock out on time.
  • Let your Lead/ASL/SA know via GChat if you need to step a way for a moment.
  • Be mindful of any background noise at home when you are scheduled, especially if you are on phones!
  • Lastly- enjoy working in your PJs for the day!
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