Humanities Highlights


Getting Excited for MAP!

In the weeks before SBAC there were some incredible efforts to make students feel excited and prepared to take this test. From posters, rallies and music videos, any visitor to a Rocketship campus would have witnessed the creativity and the energy that you radiated down to your students.

Once again, students are about to take their MAP/MPG/CPAA test and we have seen you all rally around your students, making each one feel confident in their ability to do well. Here are just a few examples of this joy and how they made they built excitement for their students.

If you and your school have worked on or are working on a project to build joy around NWEA testing please share with us what you are doing. We would love to see videos, pictures or come to any events.

RRWC held a NWEA Spirit week to get students ready and pumped up for NWEA testing

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Updated Affixes and Root Word Lists

Next year, each grade will be expected to know a set list of root words and affixes by the end of the year, similar to high frequency words.

Summer is a great time to preview these lists for students. You may also want to provide students with the full set of grade level lists, as they differ from grade level to grade level and may be motivating for students who want to get ahead!

Attached is the list. Please feel free to share this with your students and families. We will provide more updates on how these lists will be incorporated into instruction during summer PD.


End of Year Lesson Plans

As mentioned in last week's Highlights, planning specialist have created special two week review or preview units to be used once you have completed all your RA/RC units.

These lessons will be uploaded or linked in the same location that your planning specialist has in the past. Please note below the differences between the grade levels and what material will be covered.

  • TK/K4: Will not need these additional lessons because SSM has these additional days already built in
  • Kinder-2nd Grade: Plans will include previewing material for next year. Each week will focus on a different STEP bottom line.
  • 3rd-5th Grade: Plans will be reviewing material from the past year. They will also focus on bottom lines or comprehension skills that were noted to be challenging for students.

We are all quite excited about these plans. Our planning specialist have gotten quite creative, from teaching students about the electoral process to Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets they will definitely keep students engaged in these last weeks of school!

Please reach out with any questions about plans or dates.

Important Note Regarding End of Year STEP Intermediate Testing

If you are administering grey STEP intermediate testing forms this round, please be sure to download updated scoring sheets (the first page of every assessment) at this link. The STEP team's previous forms had several incorrect correlations, and these updated forms will allow you to correctly manually score on the paper-based assessments. All questions and content, however, have remain unchanged!

Capturing Best Practices

In order to capture strong examples of physical space in humanities classrooms, Brooke will taking several photos and videos in the upcoming weeks.

We plan on using these for teachers next year as they begin setting up their classroom, have questions about particular parts of a lesson or need assistance as they analyze student work. Thank you for letting us capture the amazing work that you have done this year!

Rocketship Humanities

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