Gage Community School Connection

September 23, 2016 Edition

Gator Gathering

We had our first Gator Gathering of the year this morning! We had 52 families represented and 148 total Gators in attendance!

Highlights from the morning:

Gator Gatherings will occur once a month on a Friday morning. They are a chance for families to connect with each other, with Gage, and with one another. We will have different topics addressed each month & many months will highlight one of our community partners. All are invited to attend! Our next Gator Gathering will be Friday, October 28th at 8:00.

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our first round of conferences begins this coming week. Classroom teachers have been working to get these scheduled with families. Our two primary conference evenings are Thursday, September 29th and Tuesday, October 4th.

Our teachers are dedicated to ensuring that these conferences offer an opportunity to build relationships between families and the school. They may share some beginning data related to your child's academic levels, but expect to spend more time talking about your family and having an opportunity to share your child's story with his/her teacher.

Some topics that might be discussed during this conference are listed below. Your teacher may share things he/she has noticed about your child so far in the school year, but will also allow time for you to share.

  • Your child's interests. How can you tell when he/she is really interested in something?
  • Your child's strengths. What are things she/he does well? What seems to come easily to the child?
  • Your child's struggles. What are things he/she needs extra help with? What seems to have caused the child difficulty in previous years?
  • Your behavioral expectations at home and how those may be the same or different than what is expected at school.
  • Your child's health. Does your child have any allergies?
  • Your family's culture. Are there holidays your family does or does not celebrate? What makes your family special?
  • Your child's emotions. Does your child seem to be making friends at school? How does your child show excitement, concern, or anger?
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Facilitating Family

We are looking into some new options for parent communication this school year. We have previously been using Precioustatus, but some new costs for their tool have us looking at other options. If there is a communication tool you love, please let us know! We'd love to include it in our consideration for a new building-wide tool!

(Teachers - we want your input, too! You're also welcome to pose this question to families at conferences and pass on responses!) This is repeated from last week due to few responses.

You may respond using the form below, or at the link:

Powerful Partnerships

As a Community School, we are always looking to expand the partnerships we have with other individuals and organizations who share our mission of supporting student success.

This week we'd like to share more about our partnership with Channel One Food Bank. Channel One supports our students and families in a number of ways. They provide the food that is packaged by our church partner, Rochester Covenant Church, into bags for students to take home on Fridays (please click here to sign your family up for this service if it would benefit your family). In addition, they support the food shelf within our Family Resource Room that reaches an average of over 100 people a week and provide snacks support to our students on Fridays.

Check out the Channel One Website for more information about the tools and supports they can offer your family or find out how you can support this organization!

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