Arthur W. Currie

By Andy

During the War

In war, Arthur Currie was nicknamed "Guts and Gaiters". He was the first Canadian commander of the four division of the unified Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was also the first Canadian to attain rank of full General. Currie's success was based on his ability to rapidly change typical army tactics to the ways of trench warfare, using "set piece"(place a machine gun) operations and "bite and hold" (capture that ground) tactics. He fought in the Western front, Second Battle of Ypres, Battle of Vimy Ridge, Second Battle of Passchendaele, Battle of Amiens and the Battle of Canal du Nord.

About His Life

Sir Arthur W. Currie was born on December 5th 1875, at Delaide, Ontario. And died on November 1933 at the age of 57 in Montreal, Quebec. Then buried at Mount Royal cemetery, Montreal, Quebec. He fought on the Canadian side. He was in service of Canadian militia Expeditionary Force in the years of 1894 - 1920 and served rank of General. He commanded the 50th Regiment "Highlanders" and held the 2nd Canadian brigade and the 1st Canadian Division and Canadian Corps.