WifiAway: 4G portable Wifi device

No contract required! No bank account or NIE!

Enjoy 4G internet at an affordable price

With WifiAway mobile device, you may:

  • Connect to up to 10 devices!
  • No 12 months contract required!
  • 4G internet coverage!
  • Have seamless access to internet at home, at cafeterias, travelling in Spain on road trips!
  • Save money from roaming or ADSL plans offered by telecom companies in town!
  • Save time from installing internet at home, you can get Wifi mobile device delivered to you by PYR Solutions!
  • You are able to top-up and renew your plan online, with your credit card, no need to wait until you have a bank account and all inmigration papers sorted!
  • You will send back the device through a pre-paid envelope enclosed with your device, at the end of your usage.
  • You are given the wifi mobile device for free during the use of the plan (you will not need to pay for it unless severely damaged or lost).

Plans available for students:

WifiAway 30 day plan: 31.50€+VAT for 30 day plan of 15GB

WifiAway 90 day plan: 89.70€+VAT for 90 day plan of 15GB monthly

(+3€ for shipping back costs at the end of the plan)

First 15GB is at speed of 4G (approx. 50mbps), next 5GB is at speed of 3G (approx. 20mbps regular ADSL speed)

This is a special offer for PYR-Solutions clients only. The device will be delivered through PYR to final users. Once finished the plan, the user will send the device back through an enclosed prepaid envelope (+3€ one time cost added to the plan).

Now just 89.70€+VAT to enjoy 3 months of seamless wireless internet whereever you are in Spain!!!

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