House of the future

Science cpt


My house will be in a temperate deciduous forest biome because the soil is very fertile and hardwood trees that is good for building in it

Animal Sponsor

I would sponsor a polar bear because they are turning endangered. The climate is changing and slowly melting the arctic. Eventually there home will be destroyed and they will go extinct if this keeps happening.

Atoms,elements and compounds

Three Chemicals:

Air freshener, Bleach and Dishwasher detergent.

Elements of bleach:

In bleach there are two elements. Sodium and Chlorine

Where are the elements located at on the periodic table?

Sodium is located in group 1 in the metal family. Chlorine is located in group 17 in the non-metal family
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Metal, Non-Metal or Metalloid?

Sodium is part of the metal group. Chlorine is part of the non-metal group.

The Characteristics of electricity

Type of electrical source:

I would use solar energy. It is a good source of energy because it is renewable, after purchasing the solar panels the suns energy is free and doesn't rely on harming fuels to generate electricity.

Type of physical structure to make a house energy efficient

I would purchase and put up solar panels on top of my roof so I can use solar energy.


I would have a stove to prepare meals,a microwave to warm up food, a fridge to safely store food, a dishwasher to clean the dishes in, a washing machine to clean clothes and a clothes dryer to dry clothes

Light Bulbs:

The type of lights I would use in my house would be led. I would choose led lights because they are more efficient (some led's can last up to 50,000 hours), more durable than a normal bulb and is eco friendly.

The Study of the universe

two Types of technology due to space exploration:

The computer mouse: NASA was working on the lookout for new ways of using the computer to make them more useful and more interactive. Cellphone: NASA did not invent the cellphone, but they did invent the camera in it. In 1990's team of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) worked to create cameras that are small enough to fit on space crafts