Building Capacity for New Staff

Old Ways

Prior to this school year, I had hired new staff members my first two years as principal. I had never given thought into how much background knowledge they would need to be successful. After two years of providing support to new staff after events occurred, I decided that our school needed a new staff mentor program coupled with meetings to meet needs of those teachers and staff.

Beginning of Year Letter

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Summer Soi'ree Meeting with New Staff and their Mentors

My assistant principal and myself hosted a dinner party at my house to welcome the new staff. It was a laid back evening that just focused on getting to know one another. The mentors shared inspirational moments and explained the nuts and bolts of how Eastside truly works to ensure success for students!
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PLC Conference in Hot Springs this Summer

All new staff members went with 14 other Eastside staff members to the PLC conference. They gained a wealth of knowledge as well as had the chance to get to know the Eastside team!
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New Kids on the Block Meetings

My assistant principal and myself schedule meetings with our new staff throughout the year. We ask them in advance what they need assistance with and that sets the agenda. We have gone to see observations of teachers to gain knowledge about teaching practices and classroom management. The agenda below is one they needed support on engagement and using Hattie in the classroom. Global PD was an excellent resource for this meeting.
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