Internet safety

How can you prevents from the internet invader?

Safely personal's information

  • Personal Information.Don't give out personal information without your parents' permission.This means you should not share your last name,home address,school name,or telephone number.Remember,just because someone asks for information about you.Does not mean you have to tell them anything about yourself!

  • Screen Name.When creating your screen name ,do not include personal information like your last name or real date of birth.

  • Photos.Don't post photos or videos online without getting your parent's permission.

  • Online met.Never meet in reality person face to face with anyone you first met "on the Internet".

  • Invading on the on the Internet.Never respond to a mean or rude texts,messages,and -emails.Delete any unwanted messages,you may need to delete friends who just continously bothering you or post things that inappropriate.

  • Don't disgrace one another for bad thing.If you wouldn't say something to another the person's face,don't text it or post it online.

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