Gymnastics 101

Join our club!!! Happening NOW!!!!

Join the best gymnastics class in Daniels County.

Taught by the Amazing Amanda Manternach and assisted by her lovely board of directors, your child will learn how to be responsible, be respectful and flip over mini tramps with the greatest of ease!!!

Summer session is happening now- too bad you missed out.

Students will learn in 60-90 minute intervals how to do amazing tricks which they will be practicing in your living room for months to come. They also will perform cartwheels, head and handstands down streets, hotel hallways and many more unexpected places.

Our only top performer is Amanda Manternach but her staff is full of knowledge on the sport.

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun.

Frequently asked questions.

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Do I have to be flexible?

Is there room for me on your board?