LUNG CANCER: Neha, Jacob, and Lucas


What is this?

Lung cancer is a very serious disease that affects a tremendous amount of people worldwide. We are trying to promote our cause so it will help raise awareness. This flyer will inform you about lung cancer, but to learn more and take action, be sure to visit our website and the link below. On the website, the audience will learn about statistics about lung cancer, how to get involved, and why you should help. We have researched many articles and checked their reliability, therefore making us a credible source. If you visit and/or donate, it would do wonders to this world and help find a cure for people who are struggling with lung cancer daily.


Donate Money to Others

You may not want to donate money because you might think it does not concern you. Lung Cancer may not concern you now, but who can speak for the future? Lung cancer affects everyone; past, present, and future.

If YOU or a loved one were to get lung cancer in the future, you would want a cure to be discovered...