Miss Flaherty's Classroom Update



Attendance Fairies!


  • Civic Center Field Trip - The Science of Magic - Tuesday October 9th from 11:30-2:00. (Student only event, and lunch is still normal at school!)
  • Voas Field Trip (Outdoors) - Friday October 19 - 9:00-2:30 - Let me know if you would like to volunteer! :)

7 Habits + Habit 2 - Beginning with the End in Mind

In leadership we have been working on habit 2. Begin with the end in mind. That means making a plan knowing the outcome. Students are now using that in everyday life by figuring out the plan to attack leading to the outcome.

-Jazelle & Audrey


Our Subject is writing so we will be talking about...... WRIING! In class we are working on our personal narratives. Our assignment this week was to finish the first paragraph. We have to make it in first we have had lots of fun choosing our subject by writing what we wanted to talk about on our desk. Then people would ask us questions about the topic and we would make sure to include to answers. That was our talk about writing thanks for reading!

-Trevor and Bryan


In band we have learned the song Baby Shark, and we are also learning Hot Cross Buns. In band we have conductor clues, conductor clues are ways she gets us to be silent. So every day 2 and day 4, we have Big Band. And we also have lessons, people have band lessons on day 2, day 4, or day 6. Lessons are when you meet with Mrs. Russel and play the daily songs for her. Big Band is when all the people that are in band, go to the band room and practice all together!

-Ashlee & Sammy


In science we are learning about the four systems. The hydrosphere, geosphere, biosphere and

atmosphere. The hydrosphere is water, the geosphere is earth, and the biosphere is any thing that is living. in the future we are going to make a shoebox model or a stop motion video to show our learning!

by Alex and mahdi

Social Studies

In Social Studies we have picked one country to do research on, We have learned that each country is so different then others. We had to learn about there country like there history, lifestyle, society, and there people and places. The experience was hard and fun at the same time , once we learned all are info we made a slide show about our country we picked, finally we presented it to our class it nerve-racking to present to our class but at the end of the day we all did great.


Code 411

in code 411 we have been talking about alcohol and drug abuse and how you can get a ticket for unsafe drinking and driving. We took a test on October 3rd about alcocol abuse, and that kind of stuff.

-By Cara


Chorus is a place for fun and inspiring things. We sing silly songs and do silly vocal warmups. Some songs we do are:

* Chumbara

* The Dum Dum Song

* Fish And Chips And Vinegar

Here are some vocal warmups we do:

* 1.....121....12321

* Weird sounds

* Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do

These are some of the fun things we do in Chorus.

-Jazelle & Audrey


Hello this is Jason and Aarush! we have have been working on angles in math. We have learned three types of angles: acute, obtuse and right. In our past units,We have been doing word problems with variables. It has been very fun doing math everyday! we are waiting for the next units to come!

Leadership Roles

Emily and I (Gaby) are going to talk about Leadership Roles that we have been doing from the beginning of the year. The first Leadership Role is morning announcements. This job is where 5-k gets to go on the intercom and greet our school by saying the lunch and the day of the week and the birthdays and much more. The second Leadership Role is mentor. This job is for just 5th graders. It is for kids that need help with different subjects or behavior. A 5th grader goes down to that classroom and help that kid. The 3rd Leadership Role is assembly leaders. They help speak at assemblies and put together ideas. the 4th Leadership Role is the assembly planners. They help take the ideas and put those ideas in order for the assembly. The 5th Leadership Role is assembly designers. Those people help design the assembly.

-Emily & Gaby

Run for the Hills

Run for the hills is a way to run with all your friends and run you can walk or run also along the way there are things you can do along the way like jump roping.



In computer class we work on typing. In 5th grade we type a lot to prepare us for 6th grade.

We will be doing a lot of cool projects soon.

-Jazelle & Audrey


I am going to talk about Art. In art we do projects in our sketchbooks like draw a crazy shoe or your favorite fall thing like the leaves and the trees, that is just to name a few. We also do some projects in art like you get to glue pictures from magazines inside an outline of your face its super cool! I love art and our art teacher too, its so much fun, in fact I cant wait till our next art class. Bye thanks for listening!