Negative Qualities of Leadership

Created by: Adrien, Joshua, Ethan and Cameron


Though Leadership has often been defined by positive attributes, some leaders utilize their potentially positive qualities for a negative cause, including their vision, their use of communication, people skills and the boldness they possess.
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Adolf Hitler displayed signs of vision by his desire to create the perfect Aryan race. This vision led to the mass genocide of not only Jews, but also homosexuals, Catholics, handicaps, and Gypsies. This damaged human society for generations and led to the demise of Germany and much of the world. It influenced society because once word got out, to other foreign countries about what was happening in Germany, they didn't like it and saw it as inhumane, which sparked the start of World War II. Although his vision seemed perfect in his eyes, it was a nightmare to the others, because of Hitler, the Holocaust killed millions of innocent people, destroyed many families, and also dehumanized many who were in the Holocaust, making them turn to their survival instincts.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."

-Adolf Hitler

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King Leopold II was an ambitious leader who was frustrated by Belgium's lack of International power. King Leopold II tried to convince the Belgian state to take control of the Congo with him to strengthen their international power. They refused believing trade with South America and Russia to be more profitable. Leopold II not phased by the state's preferences took the Congo for himself as his own personal property in 1885, which he named the Congo Free State. The Congo however was far from a free state. The Congo was constantly exploited for it's Natural Resources, mostly ivory and rubber which were now in high demand as the Industrial Revolution continued. The Congo people suffered greatly under the rule of the Belgians. Women and children were murdered and raped while men worked to death. People who objected were mutilated and/or hunted like wild animals. About 3 million Congolese lost their lives. Though Belgian rule had a negative effect on the Congolese, it had overwhelmingly positive effects on Belgian citizens by generating revenue to pay off war debt and become a highly Industrialized state.
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People Skills

Brutus throughout "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" portrayed his own qualities of a leader. Like everyone, he was unique in how he displayed himself, but there were some flaws. Brutus thought that others believed the same things as he did which is the main reason that he failed at becoming the successful leader of Rome. In the third act of the drama, Cassius warned Brutus about Marc Antony speaking at Caesar's funeral. Brutus didn't agree with this because he believed that Antony was trustworthy and that everyone should think this same things. Brutus' flaw lead to his demise. People Skills is something you shouldn't take lightly. They need to be specified and practiced before taking it to use in the real world. Brutus never did this and ended up losing his power, and his life