The Moon

this is the moon a bright figure in the sky at night. But the moon does not get its own light

The Moons Mass and Surface

The moons surface is 14.6 million square miles the moons mass is 7.35xkg.

What the Moon is Made of

Rock of course and the moons surface is covered with dead volcanos,impacted craters and lava flows.

The Moon and its Gravity

From the sun the sun pulls all the planets in to they don't flout away in space even the moon.

Wolfs and the Moon

Some people say that wolfs howl on a full moon I think it is interesting.

The Moon Cheese Myth

Some people think the moon is made of cheese but I feel sorry for the people who love cheese the moon does not have cheese on it or is not made of cheese and if the moon had cheese on it astronauts would have brought some back.

The Blood Moon

This is a blood moon

this is not a phase or a solar eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is when the moon gets in the way of the sun and blocks its light. and a solar eclipse will stay for about five minutes.

The Phases of The Moon

These are the phases of the moon.