Staff Meeting Agenda

November 18, 2014


1. Prayer Leaders:
  • November: Furtah
  • December: Szypa
  • January: Czerwinski
  • February: Lobocki
  • March: Missig
  • April: Przekop
  • May: King

2. Safety 10:

  • Red/Green cards for drills (make sure you have your bag)
  • K/1 exit - any delays?
  • Lockdown - be sure teachers are also hidden!

3. Thanksgiving lunch prep on Wednesday 11/19:

  • 9AM: 5th - Prep
  • 9:30-10AM: K&1 - Stuffing
  • 10:20-10:50AM: 2&3 - Stuffing
  • 1-1:40PM: 5&6 - Pumpkin Squares

4. Iowa Results

  • Still waiting on AoD averages
  • 4 packets in your folder

Test publishing companies typically provide classroom-level reports to enable teachers to see how a group of students performs across the curriculum. Even if a group of students has moved on by the time score reports are available, teachers should examine class-level results as a source of information for revising curriculum and instruction for the next class. Content areas or subtests in which high percentages of children are performing below average indicate areas of deficiency.

Once teachers have noted and prioritized deficiencies, they may consider one or more of the following questions:

* Where is this content addressed in our district's curriculum?

* At what point in the school are these concepts/skills taught?

* How are the students taught these concepts/skills?

* How are students required to demonstrate that they have mastered the

concepts/skills? In other words, how are they assessed in the classroom?

Answers to these questions should point the way to new methods of instruction, reinforcement, or assessment (Mertler, 2001, 2003). They may also introduce evidence that the curriculum and the tests are not in alignment.