Stella & Dot Sept Team Newsletter

This is Stella & Dots Best Selling Season!!

I just wanted to check in and set you up for success in September! The next four months are the best of our selling season. Stylists generally make as much in September, October, November and December as they do in all the other months combined! That's great news for all of us! I started in April last year and was able to make over $2000 a month during these STELLA-r months! How much are you interested in making this holiday? Are you interested in having a debt-free Christmas? What will you do with the extra $1000 or $2000 you make per month?

So, how will you do it? It would be borderline irresponsible of me as your sponsor, not to share seasonal selling strategies with you. There are several ways to accomplish your goals. I am a fan of working smarter, not harder. This has become especially true the last 3 months since now, in addition to my business, I'm working full time with my family, S&D and faith commitments. You can look through these ideas and see which ones work best for your busy lives. But as I promised, this is your business and I do not want you to feel any pressure from me with regard to how you choose to work it.

1. The fastest and most efficient way to earn is through hosting trunk shows. That is all I focused on last season and it was perfect. I highlighted 6-8 days on each month's calendar that I was able to sneak away for a trunk show. Those are the days I offered to potential hostesses when I reached out to book my shows. It almost created a sense of urgency among them -- like they better get that date before someone else did. The bigger thing was that it protected my family time and my other job obligations. That income level is not too shabby for twenty four to thirty two, 2 - 4 hour work periods spread over 4 months time. I'm personally working on booking strong and tight this selling season. Facebook or virtual trunk shows can be fun, too. There is info on how to host one in Community, but I can help you with that if it is something you want to do. It's a way to reach out to people out of state, help them earn free and half-off, without having to physically do a show at their house. My friend did one with her cousin in California on FaceTime. She and her friends watched as I modeled pieces on her daughter or our neck forms. All the jewelry and accessories were on a cart behind her for each of retrieval. She sent catalogs out ahead of time and a link to the catalog to each guest so they could browse before buying. She did a scavenger hunt and gave away prizes like, free shipping, free pair of studs, a $25 gift card for a future purchase, etc... To build momentum for this event, they had a Facebook event where she posted pics and thanked people that ordered prior to the virtual show.

2. Another selling strategy is to offer to do pop-up shows at hair and nail salons and spas or other venues in your area that offer this as an option. Realtors are so busy during this season, that they love when people offer to help them with their holiday shopping by stopping in for a couple of hours (usually lunch times) and setting up shop in their lounge. You can offer this to your work or any other venue you feel might benefit from it. Check with the PTAs in your area and see if you can get it on anything they might be doing where lots of people attend. I also dropped about 5 catalogs off at the fire and police stations in my area and offered them free shipping on any order placed. I also reached out to my dentists and doctors and suggested purchasing gift cards for their staff gifts for the holidays.

3. Selling on the go is also a great way to boost your sales. Leave your mini-catalogs with your contact information on it wherever you go. Leave them with waitresses, doctor's offices, restaurant bulletin boards, spas, neighbors, teacher's lounges, etc... Wear your jewelry and accessories because they truly do sell themselves. I sold 3 Madison tech striped bags and 2 wallets by just leaving them on the counter at work when a group of co-workers were assembled and said, "Can you watch this for me...I want to run to the restroom before I leave?" Crazy...maybe...but crazy like a fox because it worked like a charm! Every time someone comments on your accessories, give them a mini and offer to share the style with them privately and/or with their friends. People like free and half-off during the holidays.

4. Revisit your list of customers and potential hostesses through a monthly newsletter during the next 4 months. I send mine approximately every other month because I don't want to inundate them with Stella & Dot emails. I use to send out mine. S'more is easiest, and only take about an half hour of your time. Insert specials and pieces you suggest for the holidays. The holiday mini capsule will be coming out soon -- you'll want to include that info and encourage them to be a debut hostess for the line (if you decide you want to do trunk shows). Be sure to include your website and any special offers you might have. If I want or need sales, I always put in a free shipping on orders over $50 or $100. They have to contact you to place the order so you can split it, or you can do what I do and that is tell them when I see the qualifying order, I will send them a check for $5.95 to reimburse them for the shipping charge.

5. Have your husbands host a BEER & BLING trunk show for you in early November. Invite all of your friend's, coworkers, neighbor's husbands and all of your husband's friends. Encourage everyone to bring a friend and give free shipping to anyone that does. I can share the images I used and all of my ideas if this is something you are interested in. It was a ton of fun and the guys that came really appreciated it. They were able to shop for their wives, drink beer, eat pizza and watch a football game. What is not to love! I requested their wives' wish lists before they arrived and had them printed and ready for them. If I didn't get a wish list, I created a list of items I thought their wives would like or that were popular sellers. With our delight guarantee, I assured them that they could exchange if they wanted after Christmas. I also offered to have their items delivered to my house and wrap the gifts for them. I only had one take me up on it, but it was a $4000 show, so it was worth it. I had a raffle for the hostess rewards, too. For every $50 they spent, they were able to put their name in a hat to win the rewards. I gave away almost all the host rewards, but since it is in your husband's name, you can always keep some of them, too because it isn't officially YOU hosting it. I'd be happy to provide all the details if you decide to go this route!

6. Consider doing holiday MAILINGS. Send out mini catalogs OR simply create a flyer detailing some of your favorite Sparkle & Shine for the Season. Be sure to include your website and all ordering details. This is a quick and easy way to get incremental sales each month.

7. Consider sharing the opportunity with everyone you meet. Sponsoring and growing a team is so much fun. You are the best part of this job for me. I love knowing you are there and sharing ideas with you. To promote to Associate Stylist and take advantage of the new compensation plan, you only need one qualified leg under you. I am happy to meet with you and your potential stylist at any time. I can provide most of the coaching for you, that is sort of the beauty of this new plan. Anyone can help anyone else and everyone wins!!! Coaching commissions won't make you rich financially, but personally, I feel richer for having sponsored you!!!

8. Be creative and think outside the "sales" box. Share your seasonal sale's ideas with the rest of our team. I'd love to hear your ideas to make this our best selling season ever!!!

9. October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month. Consider doing a fundraiser or two for this valuable cause. I am including the information on it from Home Office below. They will release some specific items where 100% of the sale goes to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. You decide how much of your commission goes to the foundation, or you can offer a piece of jewelry or a bag to the hostess to sell off to raise additional funds and she can use her hostess rewards to buy pieces to auction off for the cause. I try and do at least one fundraiser per quarter as a means of giving back. Here's the letter from HO:

Hi Stylists!

Breast Cancer Awareness month is coming up fast in October and we could not be more thrilled to partner again with the Noreen Fraser Foundation! Our design team has created two gorgeous new pieces to support this years’ Breast Cancer Awareness month! We’ll be sharing these brand new beautiful and meaningful pieces with you shortly and will open Sampling for both SKUs in September so you can receive them in time for your October Trunk Shows!

Also, remember those too-hot-to-keep on the shelves Fall SKUs that sold out so quickly during Fall Sampling in July? We’ll be opening a Second Chance Sampling for the select Fall Styles in which we were able to come back in with inventory! We’re talking:

Cady Wrap Bracelet – Silver, S/M (B290S)
Cady Wrap Bracelet – Silver, M/L (B290SML)
Key to my Heart Charm – Silver (C228S)
Hamsa Charm – Gold (B290SML)
Pave Spear Earrings (E263RG)
Pave Chevron Necklace (N483G)
Pave Spear Pendant Necklace

Sampling for both Breast Cancer Awareness and Fall Second Chance Styles will open to all Stylists starting on Tuesday, September 16th and remain open through Monday, September 22nd!

During this Sample period, any Stylist who sold $250 in retail between Tuesday, July 1st and Sunday, September 14th will be able to shop at a 50% discount! All other Stylists can still shop the collection with your 25% Stylist Discount. $500 for $99 coupons will not be valid during this Sampling period however will be in our upcoming Holiday Sampling!

For more information and FAQs check out our Product Launch page in the lounge! - Further details on our BCA partnership including product images to come soon!

Happy Sampling!

Your Home Office

As we get to the last quarter of this calendar year, consider reviewing your personal goals for your business. What level do you want to hit in Glam Getaway? What pay rank do you want to hit by year end? My personal goal is to make us a STAR team before the end of the year. I want in on the founding member's bonus they will be giving to every stylist that gets to Star before year end. You can reach for STAR, too, if you want. Please let me know your personal goals for your business because I want to work to help you get there!

Happy selling this season! Don't hesitate to reach out with questions!



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