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Lone Star Language Academy

Important Information and Reminders

September 24th-28th- Peanut Butter Drive (LSLA has partnered with NTFB)

October 5, 2018- No School for Students (LSLA Staff Development)

October 8, 2018- No School for LSLA Staff & Students

Progress Reports -Reports will be issued on Friday, September 21, 2018.

Parents review your child’s progress report if you have any questions about grades or assignments please email your child’s teacher. If you have any questions about attendance or tardies please email Ms. Rodarte or Ms. Carrera.


Families are asked to send nutritious snacks and birthday treats. Please Note: Lone Star Language Academy is a nut/peanut free school. Do not send any homemade baked treats, only send fruit or packaged items that do not contain nuts/peanuts. Purchased goods or store-bought may be baked in factories that use peanut products. Please read the container package for this information. Any baked or purchased baked goods will have to be sent back home, please do not send/bring them to school. This is due to many students who have severe allergies to nuts/peanuts. Thank you for your support with the wellness issue.

Teacher Spotlight

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Physical Education News

Physical Education (Gym Class) mission is to improve physical literacy through a variety of challenging and fun activities for your child.

What is physical literacy?

1. Character Development- Components of character development are: Respect, Sportsmanship, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

2. Physical Development- Components of physical development are: Technique/Skill building, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.

3. Cognitive Development- Components of cognitive development are: Rules, strategy, scoring, and taking care of physical self.

4. Social Development- Components of social development are: Lowering stress/anxiety through social engagement, the inclusion of others, a positive attitude, and effort.

It is our philosophy for kids to have fun while being physically active. We also believe that through games and activities we can help teach LSLA students the skills to be well-rounded individuals.

Coach Hurtado & Mr. Soto

Join the 5th Annual Peanut Butter Drive!

For the entire month of September, NTFB will be collecting regular-sized, plastic jars of peanut butter to help feed hungry children and their families in Collin County.

LSLA has partnered with the North Texas Food Bank to fight childhood hunger in Collin County. LSLA is asking families and students to please bring a regular sized plastic jar of peanut butter or similar spreads (almond butter or sunflower butter) anytime during the week of September 24th-28th.

Thank you for your participation!

Attendance Corner:

Be on time. Every Day!

Parents, we need your support with getting students to school on time every day.

  • Doors open at 7:00 AM daily.
  • Students are marked tardy after 8:15 AM.
  • Breakfast is served to all students, at the cost of $1.71. Breakfast is served from 7:00AM-8: 00 AM daily.
  • Instruction begins promptly at 8:15 AM.

Please remember that when your student is absent or will be absent from school a message, note, phone call, or email must be delivered within 48 hours to excuse the absence. You are welcome to call the school at 972-244-7220 and leave a message anytime day or night in the main voicemail mailbox. Parents may also submit attendance notes for their student by emailing Ms. Carrera at pcarrera@lonestartx.org

Nurse/Immunization Corner:

All students need to have their immunizations up to date on or before Friday, September 28th, 2018. If the immunizations are not up to date on that date, the child cannot be at school. By Texas state law, he or she will remain out of school until the vaccinations are made current.

Parent letters addressing missing or out-of-date immunizations will be sent home the week of September 17th by Ms. Rodarte. If you have any questions please feel free to contact her at krodarte@lonestartx.org


Please keep your child's carpool number/tag on your dashboard until you have your child in the car. It is necessary for Coach Hurtado to see the number so she can call for the student when you pull close to pick up. We appreciate your help!

Currently, all parents have temporary tags. The actual carpool tags have been a work in progress. Thank you, parents, for being patient with Ms. Rodarte and the LSLA Main Office Staff.

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September 24th-28th, 2018

Monday, September 24th- Sports Day (Represent Your Favorite Team)

Tuesday, September 25th-Crazy Socks

Wednesday, September 26th- Super Hero (Represent Your Favorite Super Hero)

Thursday, September 27th-Camouflage/Animal Print Day

Friday, September 28th-Pajama Day (School Appropriate Pajamas)

Want to spend time with your child build his/her reading skills, and help them learn to love books?

You can do all three when you read aloud. Here are suggestions:

Read regularly

Try to read to your child every day. You might aim for 10-15 minutes of bedtime reading for a peaceful end to the day. Bring along a book, and read to him/her during a sibling’s sports practice. Or curl up together with a book when you get home from work.

Take turns choosing books

Your child may want to hear old favorites again and again. Use your turn for new titles and variety, such as nonfiction or poetry.

Let her/him participate

Ask your child to turn the pages while you read. Also, he/she can finish sentences that rhyme or fill in the words he/she knows. Go slowly so he/she has time to understand the story and look at the illustrations. He/She will enjoy read-aloud time more if he/she plays an active role.

Be playful

You can use different voices for different characters (a high, squeaky voice for a mouse or a deep, booming voice for a horse). Or substitute your child’a name for the main character’s name, and use family members’ names for other characters.

Note: You don’t have to be an expert reader—your child will love it when you read aloud because it’s you.

Tie-Dye Fun!

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Message from the Main Office:

Happy September Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

I hope this newsletter finds you settled into the new year. Please know that the classes will be NWEA/MAPs testing the first week of October. They will do this in the Fall, Winter, and Spring to check in on how your student is growing academically. Make sure that they are getting a good night’s rest so that they may always be at their best. As always, we are here to partner with you to provide a high-quality educational program for your child. Please contact your child’s teacher or the main office if any concerns arise.

Renovations are coming along. We hope to have almost everything completed within the next few weeks. Please remember to check-in at the front office to be on campus before school, during, or after school. Also, always have your id!

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend and as always WE thank you for entrusting LSLA with your child’s future, together we make it possible for every child to succeed.


About Lone Star Language Academy

The mission of the Lone Star Language Academy is to provide every student an innovative 21st Century learning experience in an environment that is supported by rigorous and engaging instruction and language acquisition that connects to every child's life experiences.