You and the media

im hot you're hot, lets get it popin.


when you turn on and social device all you see are super modle or just some random white girl or guy that fit some type or random mold.Some mold that does'nt even fit you, that really does'nt fit anyone but the people on the tv and those who can afford plastic surgery.


Thats not you, you fit a mold and thats yours. Starving yourself is not worth it and those jeans aren't either. Think about it who do you actually know that look like that and even if you do know someone they are empty as a person they have no real value as a person all they have are thier looks thats it, and what do you have more than them. So be happy.

No time

But this does not give you the right or the leaway to go and whore out, im not saying that. Im saying make the best with what you have and work for what you can have without sacrificing yourself. Work with what you got you a one in a million.

In the end

Skake what you momma gave you, but be classy not nasty.