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December 6, 2019

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Volunteers needed for staff breakfast

We are in need of volunteers to cover staff morning duties (like student supervision and greeting car and bus riders) to allow ALL staff to be a part of the Hose holiday breakfast. If you have passed a background check and are willing to help from 7:20-8:15 on Wednesday, December 18th, 2019, please call Carrie Saunders in our front office. Thank you!

Wisdom from the Queen Bee Mrs. Starlin

From Parents magazine:

By Tamekla Reece

7 Ways to reduce your child’s holiday stress:

  • -Stick to routines. Do your best to keep bedtimes the same.
  • -Give a heads-up before new things happen or give your child a schedule. Have them help you make the schedule and include pictures.
  • -Schedule in downtime: find a quiet place, listen to music, take deep breaths.
  • -Let your child vent.
  • -Work up a sweat, exercise.
  • -Just say “no” when needed.
  • -Keep yourself in check- parents need downtime too! ENJOY!

Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Tucker

It's the most wonderful time of the year they say, but holiday stress is no secret. Did your online purchase not arrive on time? Conflict with a relative? Budget troubles? Pressure to get the house clean and find the perfect gifts? There are so many opportunities for our own moods to be at less than our best. We may think we have it under control, that our kids are safe as long as we don't vocalize our burdens to them. In reality, that isn't the whole story. I'm fortunate at the moment to be a part of an applied educational neuroscience program at Butler University. One thing that we have been talking about recently is emotional contagion - the idea that emotions themselves can be transferred from one person to another. If you enter a room with a very sad person, there is a heaviness that affects your mood as well. Being around someone who is highly anxious can make you feel jittery, even if nothing anxiety provoking happened in your own world. Studies support that young infants are aware of and react to the emotional state of their caregivers. Your children may not be aware of the adult issues (and good for you for not bringing your kids into adult drama!), but they probably notice when your temper is shorter than normal or you seem down or worried, etc. Your child is dependent on you, and therefore being aware of your mood is a natural way kids gain a feeling of security - or not. I mention this to encourage you to take care of yourself - this holiday season and all year. Having healthy adults in your life to talk to and support you isn't a luxury, it's necessary. Here's to the holidays!

Building foundations with Mrs. Reef

Big picture

News from the Hose Library

We have an exciting month underway in the library! We have begun a new author study with Jan Brett. This week we are reading "The Mitten."

New vocabulary: Plot (working on it all month)

  • Kindergarten- getting familiar with the word and being able to answer "What was the story about?"
  • 1st Grade- getting familiar with the word, being able to retell a story in correct order (sequencing), and getting familiar with a simplified plot mountain

We will not checkout books the week of 12/16-12/20.

Calendar & Announcements

Upcoming Events:

Friday, Dec. 20 - End of the second nine weeks

Monday Dec. 23 - Winter break beings

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020 - Students return to school

Monday, Jan. 20, 2020 - MLK Jr. Day - make-up day - school in session

Box Top$ are going digital

Please consider downloading the Box Tops for Education app where you scan your receipt and support Hose. Every little bit of support counts, and we appreciate our Box Tops dollars!


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