Romeo and Juliet

-Wonder Gaucin, Blk: 2, song.

"See You" to Romeo and Juliet

"See You" by Shellmusic2011. Resembles Romeo and Juliet because I'm taking it as that when it says "see you in my dreams sorry we couldn't make it work in the real world" something wrong happened between them and they could have had parents that broke them up or some sort of family member. Also taking about how even though for whatever reason they couldn't be together, but they can see each other in there dreams and thats good for them because no matter what happens to the both of them they will be with each other no matter what. That relates to Romeo and Juliet because they would do anything to be with each other even if one died the other would be right there with them through everything.
SAD BREAK UP SONG 'SEE YOU' - original song with lyrics