Mystery Skype!

Try something new next week!

What is it?

Are you keen to bring new activities into your classroom? The highly popular game of Mystery Skype is the new educational game that you’re looking for. What’s the aim of the game? It’s simple – two classrooms arrange to call each other on Skype with the goal of guessing the location of the other classroom by asking strategic questions. Classes take turns asking yes/no questions to try to determine where the other one is located. It’s a great way to learn geography, languages, history, science – even mathematics! If you think that sounds like fun, keep reading!

I already have a class lined up for you to MysterySkype with (though I can't reveal who or where they are - it's a mystery!).

What if I don't know how to Skype or do a MysterySkype?

Don't worry! Kory has prepared some materials and I can be there before hand and during as much as possible to help this be a success. Just read "How do I prepare" and get excited!

How do I prepare?

It would be helpful to have some sort of maps available for the kids to look at and mark as they go (this could be individually, small groups share, or whole class). You may also want to brainstorm with your kids what kinds of questions to ask so they are prepared ahead of time. You might even create a list of questions to ask to help narrow down locations quickly. I can certainly help with this process if you would like!
Our First #MysterySkype! 3rd graders from Mr. Kostel's Class and Ms. Daley's 6th graders from NH.

How do I participate?

Click the link below to see the times and sign up! I'll contact you with more information! The MysterySkype doesn't have to start exactly on time but can't really be changed as the teacher is a specialist and only has her students at certain times of the day.

There are limited slots for now to try it out - sign up fast if you're interested!