Thanks, Mom!

Thank your mom - and parents - for making music happen

Hi everyone,

As Mother's Day approaches, I've been thinking about how much moms (and all parents) do to make music education possible for children.

The practicing, the driving, the last-minute-forgotten-clarinet-to-bus dash. All of it - and even more. Often times, affording the rental or purchase of an instrument is a huge barrier. Recently, I received this note from Nakia, a single mom of two:

"I am quickly and desperately trying to find my daughters ages 5 and 6 violins. They start lessons at their school next week but they did not get a violin via the school lottery. I am a single mother interviewing for teaching jobs. Please help and or provide referrals."

We believe that every student should be able to participate in music education - not just the ones who can afford it. Whether it is helping to start new music programs, making it easy for instrument donors to support music programs in their own communities, or becoming a statewide and national resource for teachers, our work helps Nakia and other moms and parents make music education happen - and that benefits everyone.

It's going to take all of us

Last year, through hundreds of musical instrument donors, dozens of talented volunteers and financial backers, and many great partnerships, we drove 475 musical instrument donations to school music programs in need. (Imagine 475 of those wiry music stands blowing over in the wind... or imagine 475 more seats in classrooms for students who couldn't have been there before).

This year, we've got an ambitious goal of getting 750 musical instruments to music programs in need. This goal - well, it's going to take all of us. We need your support now, so that we can cover the cost of repairs for our many, many instrument drives coming up this summer (more on that soon), reach as many people as we possibly can, and provide great customer service to the teachers and community using Instruments in the Cloud.

So, if you are a mom or a parent making music education happen for your kid - thank you for all you do. If your mom or any parent made music education happen for you, take a minute to thank them. And if music education matters to you, I hope you'll see your way to supporting our work so that, together, we can make music education happen for every student.

And now, over to you...

What is the funniest, best, or strangest thing you've done to make music education happen for a child in your life? What did your mom (or a parent) do for you? Share your story, and then head over to our Facebook page and 'like' it if you haven't already done so. To celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, we'll be sharing some of these stories.

Thanks in advance for sharing your great stories, and have a great Mother's Day!

-- Caitlin, Vega Productions

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Vega Productions gets musical instruments to students whose families might not be able to afford to rent or purchase one. We do this through our Minnesota Musical Instrument Drives and through Instruments in the Cloud. Each time we donate a musical instrument we're breaking down one of the most significant barriers to accessing music education.