Wanted : Taliban Members

Reward : Your freedom and rights.

Who is the Taliban?

The Taliban is a Islamic terrorist group. The Taliban goal is to restore peace and security. The Taliban also wants to make it to what they think the law is when they have power. This group is non-negotiable and can not be reason with because reasons are to extreme.

Code Red Terrorist Group

This group is extremely dangerous. The Taliban have went into Afghanistan and killed many Hazara. This group is extremely ruthless and will kill on sight. Proceed with caution and do not attempt any contact with this group. If you have any suspicion, please call 911 and do not investigate.

Codes of the Taliban

Some Taliban Facts and Restrictions:

Restrictions on Women

1.) Ban on women laughing out loud.

2.) Ban on women washing clothes near river or in a public place.

3.) Women van not wear bright clothes.

Restrictions on Everyone

1.) No listening to music.

2.) Banned watching televisions, movies, and videos.

3.) Youths are forced haircuts.

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