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  • By the end of your journey you will be able to demonstrate how using the iPad will engage students in formative assessments in ways that were previously not possible.


Journey Guiding Questions:

  1. What does technology integration look like in a classroom?
  2. How can the iPad be used to promote higher level thinking during classroom activities and projects?
  3. What role does the culture of your classroom play in helping students develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning and thinking?


What does technology integration look like in a classroom?





Learning and Creating with iPads in Kindergarten


What does "higher level thinking" look like for students in your classroom?

1. Go to http://padlet.com/wall/EDTC527

2. Post your response and read what others have said at the beginning of this course.

image source: https://www.purdue.edu/learning/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/cognitivedomain.png


iPad and Web-based Apps for Formative Assessment

This section will show you the general apps for your classroom that will allow students (and teachers) to create great content.


This app is great for editing a picture (blurring, cropping, etc.), adding annotations, highlighting details or labeling parts of the picture.


  • Posting pictures of students on Twitter (blurring their face)
  • Great for adding text to pictures to track experiments or label parts of an object in science.


Find a picture of a flower, insect or any other object that has parts you can label. Use Skitch to label the various parts and then save it to your camera roll.

Pic Collage

This app makes collages of pictures. This is great for a project that may require multiple pictures, objects, logos. Editing is super easy and you can use free form or template placements.


  • You could create a collage of pictures of your favorite sports teams.


Using pic collage add pictures to showcase your favorite sports teams or your favorite actor/actress. Try for around 4-6 pictures, objects, etc and be sure to use the text feature to give it a title or more detail.


Use this app to make graphic organizers for story pre-writing or just brainstorming ideas. You can even use to draw timelines or to display connecting food-webs and more.


  • Use to create of graphic organizer of labeling Inherited Traits vs. Learned Behaviors
  • Create a timeline of WWII events adding pictures and text from important events horizontally.


Use Popplet to brainstorm ideas of what you think the classroom of 2020 will look like. Make sure you connect your thoughts and then take a screenshot of your finished popplet when done.

Thing Link

Once a drawing, picture or collage is already made, use Thing Link to add a layer of interactive objects (links, video, audio, text, etc.) on top of the picture.


  • Create picture vocabulary cards that say the name in English and then Spanish to help ESL students.
  • After creating a timeline in Popplet, add video, websites, and/or soundclips to the timeline to embed on a website.


Use your previous creation form Popplet or Pic Collage and add a layer of interactiveness using video, audio, links, text or more.

Sound Cloud

Create your own personal audioclips* that are stored and then export via a link. Add your own personal audio to your ThingLink.

* 5 minutes is the longest you can create for free use (2-3 minutes is ideal)


So, what do I do next?

Export your creations to Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Edmodo and more!


Creating a contagious culture...

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!



What does "higher level thinking" look like for students in your classroom?

You answered this question at the beginning of this journey. Now, answer it again but on a different Padlet wall. Be sure to include examples of what you think now. The link is below:

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