Weekly Update

December 11, 2015

Next Week

Monday: Field Trip to CMS to hear band, strings & chorus (9:30-11:15)

Wednesday: D.A.R.E. essays due

Friday: Holiday Party 1:30-2:15 (the kids are excited!)


A Busy Week

I hope your fifth grader shared the thrill of the hour of code we participated in on Wednesday. The video we saw in preparation for our coding activity is included at the bottom of this newsletter. The kids really enjoyed it and it got them very interested/excited about coding! If you want to see the actual coding website and activities, here you go https://code.org/learn.

Reading this week was student selection- always a fan favorite! The choices were articles about ice hockey & Wayne Gretzky or Pearl Harbor & Navajo code talkers. Both reading choices included these two different texts so it was a wonderful opportunity to discuss "spin off" learning as well as inferencing, visualizing and finding the main idea.

In science, we started our light unit with analyzing graphics showing the electromagnetic spectrum and reading about waves and the visible spectrum. Key vocabulary include transparent, translucent, opaque, reflection, refraction, and transverse. The students worked in teams and preformed a readers' theater called Light Boot Camp. This was a fun way to be creative and work in the vocabulary! If you would like a refresher on what we are learning here is link to a website we explored: http://idahoptv.org/sciencetrek/topics/light_and_color/facts.cfm

Next week, we will wrap up our "Snow" Globe stories, conduct experiments to enhance our light unit, apply reading skills to our class read aloud, guided reading selections and independent book choices (happily, this is a classroom of readers!) and all of the other important subjects that happen during a 5th grade week. We will have spelling next week; student generated holiday words and other activities that will tap into those who are seasonally excited! ;)

*Interim reports are in your child's backpack. Please know the most updated grades are in PowerSchool.

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Hour of Code 2015 - WORLDWIDE