Tech Professional Development, #4

"Appy Hour" Challenge Playground

Weekly Shout-Outs!

Kami McKee has taken Plickers and run with it! She said the kids really enjoyed it and showed great concern over whether or not they had "the right answer." Way to go, Kami!

High-five to LaPortia Pierce for being flexible in using Plickers-- way to think on your feet and make it work for your kids when the original plan faltered.

Thank you, Kathryn Gaskin, for brainstorming some wonderful apps and tools for future badges!


Week four marked our first "Appy Hour Challenge" Playground where teachers had the opportunity to "play" with the tech tools that have been demonstrated/implemented so far. Completing the "Appy Hour Challenge" for a tech tool makes teachers eligible for a "Hotshot" badge for their work that can be proudly displayed in their classroom to let all who enter know how fabulous they are at integrating technology! Teachers worked hard at their own pace to complete Challenges for tools such as Poll Everywhere, Nearpod, Padlet, Alabama Insight Tool, Plickers, Edmodo, Common Sense Media, Achievement Series, and the ISTE standards. Several teachers subsequently submitted Badge Forms to receive a tech badge as a reward and recognition for their commitment to moving our students toward college and career readiness.

How does the badge system work?

ECS Badge System Intro Video

A few of the available badges:

Where to apply for a badge:

Want to see more badges added? Let me know which ones!