October Charmed Contest

Erica Southerland, Senior Team Leader

Team Challenge

I am so thankful to have such an OWL-some team, and I am excited to CHARM you! As you submit parties and recruit new ladies to your team, you will score points in October. With those points you will earn a very special locket! You must send me an email with subject saying "Origami Owl Charmed" when you have completed one of the following tasks with a comment describing what you completed! Good Luck and Happy Charming!!

*Contest Starts Oct 1- Oct 31, start booking now for October!!


  1. Score a minimum of 25 points to start your locket
  2. Score 38 points to complete your locket
  3. By completing the Charmed Bonuses you can earn dangles or a tag
  4. Once you complete a task email me at erica.southerland11@gmail.com, in the subject put Origami Owl Charmed, in subject list what you completed.
  5. Have Fun with it!!

How to Score

Charming Bonus

Its So Easy!!

Below you will find what you are collecting points for!! This locket represents several things for you from me. You may already have some of these items but this is something I want to do special just for you all!!

The meaning behind the locket:

  • Dream Plate: No matter where you go in life just keep dreaming
  • Bright Eyed Owl: Your journey started here at Origami Owl
  • Crystal Star: You are a shining star in my life
  • Girl Birthstone: The charm will be in the month you started your journey (ex. I started in January so I would be a Girl January)
  • Radiant Aqua: Everything in life be Radiant at it and you will always go far

Charmed Locket

Erica Southerland, Senior Team Leader

You have received this email because you are apart of my team. If you choose to be removed from this mailing list please let me know.