Vacationing in China

By: Heather Neal

People's republic of China

You could take an 11 hour plane flight to an over glamorized vacation spot with overpriced hotels and an endless amount of pasta or spend 4 extra hours to end up in one of the most concentrated cultural places in the world, China. It is a paradise with a variety of people and endless historical landmarks dating back thousands of years. A week in china and you could visit any number of location extensive list of memorable, exciting places and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

The People

According to the Information Office of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China, there is 1.3 billion people in China. When visiting, it may be frustrating to try to communicate with locals but more often than not, people will go out of there way to help others (CUCAS). You will be overwhelmed with kindness and generosity from the people that strive to show you the wonders of their home land. Every day there will be new people to meet and benevolence to remember.

The Landmarks

China has hundreds of historical landmarks framing the 5000 year old civilization. These landmarks range from the infamous Great Wall of China to the Li river to the Silk Road ( Throughout the years of modernization, china has kept the historical origins and added more modern attractions. No matter what your choice of scenery is, China has something for you to see.

The Food

In China there are various street stalls where you can enjoy a meal for less than a dollar. World class restaurants are there for you to indulge in fine dining. You can submerge yourself into Chinese culture with various cuisine options. If, at any point, you find yourself missing home, stick to something more familiar. Word wide chains like McDonald's are located right in the heart of this lovely country (CUCAS).


When visiting China you may see endless fields stretching across hills and plains. This is because China is among the tree top producers of Grain worldwide (Sate Council of the Peoples Republic of China). The Main products include rice, corn, wheat and soybean. Even if you don't particularly enjoy any of these, in innovative planting and traditional farming is an interesting sight to see.
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Relax, Journey, Enjoy!

Even if you don't decide to stay for long, the planning and the plane ride is worth the taste of history from this 5000 year old civilization. Indulge yourself in historic locations, beautiful views and the delicious food that China has to offer.

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