Newsletter Week 10 Term Two

Reporoa College 9th July 2021

Principals Message

Term 2 has rushed by for the students and staff at Reporoa college. It seems to have been busy for everyone with a large number of winter sports being run and I wish to thank all the coaches and parents that have contributed their time to help.

In property news, we have now been handed the refurbished tech block and this will be used again next term. The hall curtains will be installed these holidays and the drainage around the school is being assessed and repaired.

This week we held our lockdown drill with Harrison Trew. It is very important to read the letter following this message to ensure you have downloaded the Reporoa College App and have access to our website. This will ensure direct communication to you will occur if a real event occurs.

Mid year reports will be emailed out soon, have a read and please make a booking for the coming parent interviews on the first week back of next term. If you have any concerns please contact the teacher directly.

A huge shout out once again to KidsCan NZ for their generosity. Today we had one of their ambassadors in school along with their Partner Shivi from Baker’s Delight Taupo who on a weekly basis donates bread to our Breakfast club and for morning tea. Today he kindly donated sweet treats ( sticky buns and doughnuts) to our students.

Next term will be an extremely busy one with many trips and events taking place - we have the Otamatea exchange, STEM workshops, EPro8 challenges, Basketball Regionals, Junior Sports Camp, our Annual Open Day among other events.

I wish to send our condolences to the family of Tim Karl, who passed away recently. His contribution to Reporoa College as a parent and as a parent representative on the Board of Trustees needs to be recognised.

Please make the most of the school holidays, re charge your batteries, stay safe and I will see you all on Monday 26th July.


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Dear Parents

Reporoa College has been working with an independent company, Harrison Tew®, who specialise in Emergency Management Plans for schools and educational facilities. The procedures implemented allow us to respond safely and quickly to a range of circumstances.

Our entire school, including our students, have all participated in training sessions and the response and interaction was very positive.

This week, we conducted a school-wide lockdown exercise under the guidance of Harrison Tew®. We are pleased to inform you that our students responded safely, maturely and with a nature of controlled urgency.

The lockdown is now a part of our emergency procedures. We will be implementing emergency protocol exercises each term to ensure all staff and students remain familiar with our processes.

Should you hear of a lockdown or evacuation at the school, can I please ask that you do not attend the school or phone, as we will not be able to respond. Your presence or contact may make it more difficult for us or the emergency services to manage a situation.

Any information pertaining to an emergency occurring at the school will be updated on our website as regularly as possible.

We believe that these procedures that we conduct for lockdowns and evacuations should be deemed in a positive light, as it places us in excellent stead should one occur. It is important that we practice these, as we don’t want our first lockdown to be the real one.

We thank you for your support.

Kind regards

Brendan Carroll

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Mid Year School Reports

Junior School Reports will be emailed out to Parents and caregivers over the next few days - keep an eye out for these.

Mates and Dates ACC Programme for Students

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Our school is participating in a healthy relationships education programme called Mates & Dates.

This letter provides you with information about the Mates & Dates programme, and how we are continually evaluating its content to ensure that it remains a useful tool for students in todays' evolving environment.

About Mates & Dates In Aotearoa New Zealand, 15% of secondary school students report experiencing unwanted sexual contact, including sexual assaults. Over half the students say their first unwanted sexual experience occurred before they were 14 years old, About 3-6% of students also report forcing someone to do something sexual. Teens years is also a time when young people start forming romantic relationships for the first time.

Mates & Dates was created, in line with the NZ Curriculum, to support young people navigate happy and healthy relationships as they grow into adults and to prevent sexual violence. International research confirms that working with young people is one of the most effective ways of preventing sexual violence. It equips them with relationship skills and behaviours that they can carry with them throughout their life Mates & Dates is about all kinds of relationships - including friends, family and whānau.

The programme teaches students how to: - have healthy relationships built on respect, equality, and consent. This includes communication skills,

problem solving and decision making skills - exercise their rights and responsibilities related to consent and safety. - be critical of ideas in media about equality, gender, body image and sexualisation identify inappropriate and abusive behaviours - access help from trusted adults and professionals in their community. Help seeking is for more than

just abuse - safely intervene in situations that could lead to harm.

Mates & Dates is aligned with the Ministry of Education curriculum. An expert advisory group developed the content, along with input from students and it has been evaluated by an independent research company. Mates & Dates is taught at each year level and developed to be appropriate for that age group. It is delivered by trained facilitators to cover five key learning outcomes over 3 --5 lessons. The lessons use various teaching methods to engage and meet students' learning needs such as small groups discussions, audio/video media, role playing, anonymous question box, problem solving through scenarios etc.

There are no fees or charges as it's fully funded by ACC The content includes material and discussion regarding issues that young people face in today's environment. This includes consent, dating, relationships, identity, attraction pornography, alcohol/ drug use and sexual and relationship violence. The programme takes a harm minimization approach by openly discussing topics so young people are empowered with information to make safe choices.

Participating in the programme - We highly encourage participation in the programme, however, attendance in lessons is not compulsory. If at any time you decide you do not want your child to attend Mates & Dates, they will be placed in other classes for those lessons. Students will also be informed that they can opt-out at any time,

As a parent/caregiver, you can help your teen stay informed by showing them you're OK talking about sex and relationships. Mates & Dates is a great opportunity to carry on discussions with your child about sex, consent and relationships. What teens learn at home helps reinforce what they learn at school. A simple thing you can say is, I'm here if you want to talk about anything you learned in the Mates & Dates programme?

Helping us to evaluate Mates & Dates We'd like to gather feedback from students on what they found useful from the lessons. This is not an assessment and students will not be graded So, at the end of the last session, your child will be given a short 5-minute survey to complete. The information gathered is anonymous - it won't identify your child and it will only be used to improve the quality of the programme.

What you need to do?

If you do not want your child to attend this programme please contact:

Sharon Mulingani

If you have any questions about the Mates & Dates, please don't hesitate to contact

Yours sincerely,

Sharon Mulingani

Parent Interviews

Dear Parents, Whānau, Caregivers and Students

This is a good opportunity to meet your child’s subject teachers,

check on their in class progress and set goals for the year.

Parents and students are requested to attend the interviews together.

If you have internet access you will be able to book interviews for your children online. If you do not have access to the internet, please phone the office on 333 8117

and we are happy to make a booking for you.

The time slots for the interviews are 4:00pm to 7:00pm, each interview will last for

10 minutes each. If you are unable to make these times, please contact your child’s

Whānau teacher, Rangatira or an SLT member to arrange an interview at a later date.

Our SENCO (Literacy Advisor) will also be available for interviews.

Please phone the office to confirm your appointment time if you remain unsure.

The website address is:

And the event code you need to input is: nmmc4

We look forward to setting goals for your child together with you.

Thank you for your support.

Brendan Carroll



Friday, July 30th, 1pm

122 Spa Road

Taupō, Waikato

Want a world class, well paid job right here on your door step ?

The geothermal industry is looking for you!

Our geothermal industry is the fifth largest in the world, generating 18% of New Zealand’s electricity. Beyond generation, many different industries are tapping into geothermal heat. Come and learn about the diversity of jobs on offer and the career paths to take you there!

Who Will Be Exhibiting?

Our geothermal industry is the fifth largest in the world, generating over 18% of New Zealand’s electricity, and growing...

A $580 million 152MW power station is being built here on our doorstep in Taupō! Beyond generation, a diverse range of industries tap into geothermal to provide heat for their manufacturing processes.

All these industries are built and serviced by a wide range of local, national and international service and consulting firms. All up, these create a broad spectrum of employment opportunities. The New Zealand geothermal industry is world-class, sustainable and growing, and so are the job opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you in Taupō on Friday afternoon, July 30th!

Details at

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Over the past fortnight our students have been oput and about at the Cluster and BOP Cross Country and the BOP Indoor Bowls Champs as well as their regular sports during the week.

Our 7 & 8s also took part in the Red Stag Waikato/BOP Magic Netball Skill Day.

Results for Cluster: Carter O'Reilly 1st in the 11 Year Old Boys, Brandon Pearce 2nd, Liam Guyton 4th. Charlotte Cowan came 3rd in the 11 Year Old Girls. Richard Wotherspoon came 1st in the 12 year old boys and Kade Hathaway came 3rd. Leah Edmonds came 1st in the 12 year old girls with Krystal Rondon placing 2nd.

BOP Cross Country was held on a freezing cold day late June. Participation in every race our students ran in exceeded 30 runners. Carter O'Reilly placed 11th, Richard Wotherspoon placed 28th out of 45. Charlotte finished 26 out of 45 with Leah and Krystal placing 34th equal. Our students did the community proud as many of the runners they faced had running coaches, trainers etc accompanying their students.

Our Indoor Bowls team of 22 students ranging from year 7 - year 12 competed in Division 2 at the Mount. Twelve teams qualified across the wider BOP with six Reporoa College teams qualifying. Katie Stephens and Jorjia Smith placed 2nd in the Pairs.


Students who are attending Sports Camp or AIMS Games in September are reminded that fees must be paid by week four Term 3.

Seniors travelling on the Otamatea Exchnage must pay the full amount of $140.00 by Week two.

Thank you in advance

Reminder to Parents and Caregivers

We have a number of second hand Polar Fleeces available for students who need another layer. Please remember that only School jackets, school polar fleeces and plain black jackets and plain black shoes are permitted as part of the school uniform. If your child wears an incorrect item to school they must have a note from home explaining why.

Term Three Inportant Dates

28th July Parent Teacher Interviews

Board of Trustees Meeting 6.30pm

30th July Geothermal Industry Expo

13th August BOP Basketball

15th-17th August Otamatea Exchange

3st1Aug - 4th Sept Regionals

6th -10th Sept AIMS Games

15th Sept Open Day

20th - 24th Sept Sports Camp

2th9 Sept Spirit Day

1st Oct School Closed

2nd Oct School Ball