Ms. Venturino's AVID - Week 10

October 6-9, 2015

What we did this week

This week, students started putting together their college project presentations. They can use any digital tool to put together their project, including Explain Everything, iMovie, Google Slides, and Powerpoint. Most students have made significant progress on their project, and some students are done.

This weekend, please ask your student to show you their project and explain what they learned about their university.

What's coming up next week

Tuesday: TRF #9 is due! We will be starting up tutorials again. Also, the college project is due by the end of the period on Tuesday. Students should come to class with their project done, and expect to use the time in class to make any last-minute fixes.

Thursday: We will start our college project presentations!

AVID College Project

Research: Students researched about their university before fall break, and over fall break. This is the information they need to include in their project.

Digital Visual Aid: Students will create a digital presentation with information about their university. They can use any app on their iPad, including Explain Everything, iMovie, or Google Slides. Students without iPads should use Google Slides on a computer.

Presentation: Students will do a 2-3 minute presentation in front of the class.

Digital Visual Aid due TUESDAY.

Presentations start THURSDAY.

**I will not accept late work for this project**

Important Upcoming Dates

Saturday, October 10th, 8am-noon - Saturday Academy with Ms. Venturino

Wednesday October 14th, 6:00-7:40pm - College Making It Happen Night

Our annual College Making It Happen night is a night for all MVA families to learn about the opportunities students have to attend college. Join us as we host many guest speakers to share their experiences in college and their current career, learn about the SDSU Compact for Success program, and meet other college bound families.

AVID Website

We have a website for AVID that includes information, student work, and important handouts.

Check it out here: