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Human Resources Newsletter, November Edition 2019

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Teaching Certificate Expiring Soon?

No worries......Certification Renewal Packets will be distributed November 22, 2019 to everyone with a certificate due to expire in 2020 . Packets will be delivered via pony to the schools. Completed packets will be due in HR no later than December 13, 2019. Late submissions may delay processing time.

Note: Completed renewal applications expire 90 days from the signature date. Please do not submit applications prior to November 29.

For questions, contact Melanie Brown at or 478.756.8565

Open Enrollment is Here!

Open Enrollment is October 21 - November 8.

In preparation for Open Enrollment, employees should reset their passwords for the ADP Portal prior to scheduling a benefits meeting. Resetting your password will ensure that you have enrollment access. Here is the link to ADP:

*All benefits eligible employees should participate in Open Enrollment. Employees with Flexible Spending Accounts MUST re-enroll each year to continue contributions.

For questions, contact Katrina Swindle at / 478.765.8570

or Carolyn Robinson at / 478.765.8574.

Stepping Up to the Challenge

The Benefits Department would like to extend a HUGE Thank You to everyone participating in the "Small Steps Big Strides" October Challenge. This has been a great way to encourage ourselves and our co-workers to get up and get moving. Not to mention, it has been loads of fun! We can't wait to celebrate our Top Steppers!

If you are covered under State Health through Anthem or United, be sure to use the correct naming convention when tracking your steps through Sharecare: BCSDYOURSCHOOLfirstinitiallastname. If you joined the challenge late, remember that participants must have at least 155,000 steps for the month of October in order to meet the challenge.

*Don't forget to share your progress and pics on BCSD Facebook and Twitter pages.

New Service Agreement Form

Please make sure you are using the newest service agreement form. Some of the older forms do not have all the information we need for processing and may have to be returned to the originator. Remember to complete the form in its entirety and ensure that all required signatures are obtained. This will help minimize processing time. The new form is attached below and can also be found on the HR Webpage. For step-by-step instructions on the Service Agreement Process, please visit the HR Procedures Manual in OneNote and go to the Service Agreement tab.

*Certified Service Agreements should be submitted to Marqueta Harden. For questions, contact Ms. Harden at or 478.765.8547.

*Classified Service Agreements should be submitted to Sharonda Ladd. For questions, contact Ms. Ladd at or 478.765.8557.

TKES/LKES Implementation

Upcoming Deadlines:
  • TKES - Nov 1, Observation 2nd Walkthrough
  • TKES - Dec 13, 1st Formative Evaluation

HR runs TKES/LKES implementation reports the Monday before each VIP meeting. The goal is to have 100% completion on all steps. You can find a complete list of evaluation guidelines on the HR Webpage under Forms & Documents. (see link below to view evaluation guidelines)

For questions, contact Connie Chin at or 478.765.8679

TKES/LKES Observation Tips

Principals, here are a few TKES/LKES tips shared by TLSD Support:

  • Spread the word to your leaders, DO NOT paste text into the platform from MS Word, Excel, websites or other applications. If they do, it will corrupt the observation and it will not open and they may have to do the observation again.
  • If they still want to use text from MS Word, Excel, websites or other applications, they need to copy the text into Notepad first, then paste the comments into the platform. Notepad removes all the formatting garbage. Below is an example of text a staff member pasted directly into the platform from a MS Word document. As you can see, there is no way the platform can sort through and decipher what is/isn't valid text.
  • Again, DO NOT paste text directly into the platform. Put the text into Notepad first to get rid of the formatting garbage, then paste into the platform.

Planning to Retire in 2020?

If you are planning to retire in 2020, please contact Regina Stokes, Retirement Administrator, at or 478.765.8563 to schedule a retirement meeting. You must also submit a Resignation/Retirement Form in PowerSchool. (see link below for instructions on submitting the Resignation/Retirement form)

Employees who are members of the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS) should utilize the website at or call 1-800-352-0650 to request an Estimate of Benefits with their anticipated retirement date. Please be advised that due to the large volume of retirements at the end of each school year, the deadlines for summer retirements with TRS are:

  • June Retirement: March 31
  • July Retirement: April 30
  • August Retirement: May 31

*TRS recommends submitting your application as early as six (6) months, no later than two (2) months, prior to your date of retirement to avoid any delays of monthly retirement checks and possible interruption of health coverage.

Employees who are members of Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) are encouraged to apply for retirement as early as three (3) months prior to their retirement date to avoid any delays of monthly retirement checks and possible interruption of health coverage. PSERS employees should call 1.800.805.4609 or visit to request an Estimate of Benefits with their anticipated retirement date.

FMLA Reminders:

Just a few friendly reminder regarding FMLA:

  • You must be employed with the BCSD for at least 1250 hours in a consecutive 12 month period (1 year), in order to be eligible for FMLA review.
  • If you are out of work for 6 or more consecutive days, you MUST apply for FMLA.
  • FMLA is NOT paid leave, but you can use your sick and personal leave while on FMLA.
  • When keying FMLA leave in Aesop, you MUST use one the following absence reason codes: Sick > FMLA or Sick > FMLA without Pay (using other codes may cause your leave balance and/or paycheck to be incorrect).
  • When requesting Intermittent FMLA, you must contact Christi Mimbs, FMLA Administrator, within 72 hours of the start of your leave for approval.

*We are in the process of implementing a new platform for requesting FMLA called eFMLA. We are excited about this new program and will be sharing more information soon.

For questions, contact Christi Mimbs at or 478.765.8558

Employee Referral Bonus Program

Help Us Build A Great Team!

Employees who refer a "Teacher" candidate will receive a $1000 Referral Bonus if that candidate is hired and works in the district for a full year. Reach out to friends and family interested in teaching and tell them about the great things happening in Bibb! Please see the attached flyer for guidelines.

Upcoming Dates

Oct 21-Nov 8 - Open Enrollment

Nov 1 - TKES 2nd Walkthrough

Nov 22 - Certification Renewal Packets Distributed

Dec 9 - Letters of Intent (Principals/Administrators) Distributed

Dec 13 - Certification Renewal Packets Due

Dec 13 - Letters of Intent (Principals/Administrators) Due

Dec 13 - TKES Mid-Year Conference and Teacher Assurance

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