Bulldog Bulletin

New Britton Elementary - August 26, 2016

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Principal's Message

Dear Bulldog Families,

Our vision at New Britton Elementary is to prepare students for the future by focusing on student-centered approaches, cognitive curriculum, higher order thinking skills, and collaboration - the HSE21 Best Practice Model. We strive to engage students in a variety of differentiated, authentic learning opportunities that instill a lifelong love of learning. It is increasingly apparent that this vision is imperative to our students' success now and in the future. At our HSE staff opening day program, we heard from authors Kylene Beers and Robert Probst. They shared data regarding the change in importance of task type in the U.S. economy from 1960-2002. When comparing routine, manual and abstract tasks, there has been around a 4% decline in routine tasks, around an 8% decline in manual tasks, and an increase of around 12% in abstract tasks during this time. The need has shifted from basic knowledge and skills to application of skills. When business leaders ranked the five most important applied skills, the following were on the list:

  • Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
  • Teamwork / Collaboration
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Professionalism / Work Ethic
  • Ethics / Social Responsibility

These applied skills are definitely in line with our HSE21 Best Practice Model. I have spent the past several days meeting with teachers regarding their personal goals in one of these best-practice areas for this school year. I look forward to ongoing work with the Bulldog teaching team to support individual and group efforts toward these goals that will directly impact student learning and achievement. Please look for evidence of this work on Twitter @NBEbulldogs, in newsletters, in the classrooms and in student excitement.

As always, thank you for partnering with us in education. Enjoy your weekend!


Lori Mankin

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School Safety Information

We would like to thank our entire school community for putting safety first. With today's severe thunderstorm and Wednesday's tornado warning, we have all had to exercise problem solving and flexibility. Our students, staff, bus drivers, YMCA staff, and parents all did a great job working as a team to ensure safety for everyone. Please know that we will always follow our safety plan in cases of extreme weather or if an unsafe situation is occurring. During a Shelter in Place event, we ask that you do not try to pick up your student from school as this may hinder the plan we are putting in place. We will do our best to communicate information to you in a timely manner via our Skylert messaging system. Be sure to have updated information in Skyward Family Access. Thanks again for your support and being a part of our safety team.

3rd Grade Meet the Teacher

Join us for the 3rd grade Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday September 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Bulldog Calendar 8/29-9/9

Wed. 8/31:

  • Family iPad Support Session 6:30-7:30
  • Pasta Bowl 2016 starts!

Mon. 9/5:


Thurs. 9/8:

  • Mum Forms Due
  • Family iPad Support Session 6:30-7:30

Fri. 9/9:

  • Last day for Pasta Bowl 2016 donations

2016-2017 Textbook Fee & Ipad Rental Fees

  • By Friday, September 2nd, the textbook and iPad rental fees will be visible on Skyward and you will receive a Skylert message. Payment deadline is September 16, 2016.
  • You may now pay via eFund option through the Skyward Family Access or make checks payable to NBE. Please allow 10 working days to see the payment posted to your account.
  • Please contact Linda Bouchonnet, NBE Treasurer at 594-4130 if you are interested in a payment plan or want information out our Free and Reduced Cafeteria/Book Fee Assistance Program.

Textbook fee WITHOUT iPad Rental Fees

Kindergarten: $72.06

1st Grade: $81.77

2nd Grade: $83.64

3rd Grade: $69.83

4th Grade: $71.18

iPad Rental Fee

Add $90.00

iPad Update

NBE has received the first installment of iPad rentals for students in grades 2-4. If you chose to rent an iPad for your student in these grades AND you completed the online form by July 29, your student's iPad has arrived!

Third and fourth grade teachers sent iPad rentals and information home Thursday, August 25. Teachers will begin "Launching iPad Use" lessons the week of Monday, August 29.

If you have a student in second grade, the first wave of iPad rentals will be sent home on Monday, August 29. Second grade teachers will begin "Launching iPad Use" lessons the week of Tuesday, September 6.

We anticipate that kindergarten and first grade iPads will arrive at the beginning of next week. We will give an update next week.

We will be hosting Family iPad Support sessions in the Media Center on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, August 31 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 8 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Rotation Days

August 29- September 9

Mon. 8/29: Day 2

Tues. 8/30: Day 3

Wed. 8/31: Day 4

Thurs. 9/1: Day 5

Fri. 9/2: Day 6

Mon. 9/5: NO SCHOOL

Tues. 9/6: Day 1

Wed. 9/7: Day 2

Thurs. 9/8: Day 3

Fri. 9/9: Day 4

Pasta Bowl 2016 Starts Wednesday 8/31

Pasta Bowl is designed to raise awareness for the 1 in 7 local students that struggle with food insecurity. Last year, HSE schools raised over 21,000 pounds of pasta to support our local community members! We are so proud to announce that our NBE families were so generous with their pasta donations, that the NBE Bulldogs won the Pasta Bowl trophy!

How can your family help? We have set a goal for each student to bring in 3 boxes of pasta in order to reach our school goal of 2500 boxes of pasta. Be sure to check out Sam's Club, Costco and, Meijer and Aldi for bulk sized pasta at reasonable prices.

Learn more here: Pasta Bowl 2016 Information

Speech & Hearing Screenings

Speech and hearing screenings are conducted at the beginning of each school year. Speech screenings are completed with kindergarten, first and second grades. Hearing screenings are completed with kindergarten, first and fourth grades. You will be contacted by the school Speech Language Pathologists if there are any concerns.

Angelia Quinn

Speech Pathologist

Cafeteria News

For the 2016-2017 school year, the Department of Education is requiring HSE to increase paid lunch meal prices by ten cents. This is a result of federal legislation set in place in 2010 which requires school districts in the National School Lunch Program to meet the Paid Lunch Equity requirements set by the USDA. The new meal prices for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:

Grades K-6: $2.50

Grades 7-12: $2.65

When sending lunch money in with your student, please remember to include the Student ID number on all envelopes and checks. Thank you!

Information on Free and Reduced lunch applications can be found at: http://www.schoolnutritionandfitness.com/index.php?page=lunchapps&sid=2205121834271841

Debit Policy for 2016-2017 starting 8/30/16

Students will be able to have a -$5.00 balance before receiving the alternative debit meal (choice of Turkey Sandwich or PBJ, Strawberry Applesauce & Milk). Please have your student's lunch account up to date. Contact Lori Burbich Café Manager with questions.

Kellogg's Happy Birthday Program

As a participate in the Kellogg's Happy Birthday Program, HSE Nutrition & Food Services will be celebrating birthdays once a month with a special treat. "Birthday Tuesday" will occur one time per month. Any student with a birthday that month who purchase a meal deal on "Birthday Day" will receive a Rice Krispie Treat with their lunch!

"Birthday Day" 2016-2017 schedule:

8/16, 9/20, 10/18, 11/15, 12/13, 7/17, 2/7, 3/21, 4/18 and 5/16 (for May, June & July birthdays)

New Safety Information

New Britton and HSE Schools are committed to the safety of all students. Therefore, the district has upgraded to an enhanced criminal-history-check process. As in the past, everyone must have a current background check on file and have viewed the Anti-Bullying webinar before volunteering or visiting as a lunch guest. Background checks are considered current for 3 years.

If you have not completed the background check and Anti-Bullying webinar within the last 3 years, you may do so by visiting the Parent Volunteer section of district's website for a full description of the process and how to get started.

If your background check and anti-bullying training are still current (within the last 3 years), you will receive the following:

  • A Safe Visitor I.D. card. Along with e-mail notification, each approved applicant will receive an I.D. card with a special bar code that can be printed or scanned into your SMART device for easier access when visiting our campus.

  • A photo badge issued at each visit. Upon presentation of your Safe Visitor I.D. card or valid driver’s license, office staff will assist you with taking your photo and issue a visitor’s badge if one is not already on file. The photo will be saved in our district-wide system to be used at each visit, regardless of campus.

Please contact our office if you have any questions.

A few reminders...


It is important that your child is at school each day. Good attendance is one of the keys to achieving your child’s full potential in the learning process. A student with a temperature measuring 100 degrees or greater will be sent home from school. The student must remain fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Students will not be sent to the YMCA After-School Program with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. If a student has vomited as a result of illness, he/she must stay home from school. He/she must be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to school.


When your child is absent from school, please call the school office at 594-4130 before 9:00AM each day that he/she is absent. Please utilize our 24 hour voice mail box available to leave messages regarding your child's absence. Please report the child’s name, classroom teacher, and illness. It is helpful for the school nurse to know the nature of illnesses in our school to identify symptoms of others seen in the clinic. A doctor’s permission to return to school may be required dependent upon the length and type of illness your child is experiencing. We ask you to do this to ensure the safety of your child and to confirm that he/she is either here or with you at home. Our voicemail system will take messages concerning absences before and after office hours. I f you do not contact the office, contact will be made with you by the school.

Birthdays are a special time, but as a safety precaution to all of our students, birthday treats are prohibited in the classroom. Also, pease be considerate of all students and teachers by refraining from passing out party invitations in class. Thank you!

2015-2016 Yearboooks Still Available!

The publisher of the 2015-2016 yearbook accidentally printed several extra copies. As a result, they have given us the overstock! If you didn't get a yearbook last year, and you would like one, we will be selling them for $5 each. Please send cash or a check (made out to New Britton) to school in an envelope with your child's name, grade and teacher written on it. Hurry - supplies are limited!

Catch of the Week

Congratulations to our "Catch of the Week" Students!

KINDERGARTEN: Faith Wendzel, Kaia Graunke, Sarah Abulail, Koltyn Stewart, Reece McGee, Julia Fishers

1st GRADE: Kellen Ferguson, Drew Spicer, Calvin Wood, Blake Stahl, Audrey Royer, Blair Kallas

2nd GRADE: Meera Paramagurusamy, Sadie Newell, Ella Ratliff, Clark Johnson, Ella Dragoo

3rd GRADE: Whit McCord, Abi Catalan-Garcia, Yuki Tanno, Srinithya Basireddy, Lilly Valentine, Trennace Turner

4th GRADE: Ryann Solesky, Bella Lopez, Jacob Duncan, Andrew Martinez, Jenna Myers, Abigail Gilbert

HSE Student Handbooks

For your convenience, the New Britton Elementary School Handbook can be found at this link: http://www.hse.k12.in.us/resources/pdf/NBE/new_britton_handbook-15-16-final_.pdf

We encourage you to review it at your earliest convenience. Should you have any questions, please contact the NBE office at (317) 594-4130.

Bulldog Bulletin Updates

During the 2016-2017 school year, the Bulldog Bulletin will be published every two weeks. We believe communication between home and school is critical to ensuring your child's continued success at NBE. In order to provide you with the most up-to-date information, please visit our website at http://www.hse.k12.in.us/NBE/about/docs.aspx for the most current information & updates.

Child Find

What to do if you suspect a disability/Child Find:

If your child is age 2 ½ through 21, attends any school within the Hamilton Southeastern Schools boundaries or you live in our community, and you suspect your child may have a disability, you should contact us for more information.

  • For children at least two and a half years of age, but not yet age-eligible for kindergarten, you should contact the Early Childhood Assessment Team at Brooks School Elementary School, 317-915-4250.

  • For students who are eligible for kindergarten through age 21, you should contact your child’s teacher, school counselor or building administrator to discuss your concerns and explore the steps to be taken. If your child is not enrolled in public school, you should contact the counselor or building administrator in the building your child would attend if enrolled.

Response-to-Instruction (RtI)

RtI is a general education initiative designed to provide high quality instruction and interventions matched to student needs, and using learning rate over time and level of performance to make important educational decisions. The RtI model is based on a three-tiered model of service delivery with a focus on early intervention and prevention of academic and behavioral concerns. Data collected during this process provides valuable information regarding students’ educational progress and response to interventions. Students who do not demonstrate a response to well-implemented, scientifically-based interventions at the Tier 3 level would be referred for an educational evaluation to determine eligibility for special education. RtI is a component of HSE’s Child Find Process.

Box Tops for Education

Looking for an easy way to support NBE? Clip the Box Tops for Education from your family's favorite foods and send them in with your child. NBE gets cash for each Box Top submitted! Thanks for supporting NBE!

PTO News - Mark Your Calendars!

Please join us at our first NBE PTO meeting on Tuesday 9/13. We will meet in the Media Center at 7:00pm. Learn about great activities planned for the year an how you can be a part of the fun!

Questions? Contact your 2016-2017 PTO Board:

Co-President: Leslie Zeisig Lzeisig@sbcglobal.net

Co-President: Stephanie Solesky Steph.solesky@comcast.net

Vice President: Kalista Booth Kalista.booth@aol.com

Treasurer: Sarah Johnson Johnson10874@sbcglobal.net

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Contact Us

8660 E 131st St, Fishers, IN 46038

Phone: 594-4130

Fax: 594-4139

New Britton website: http://www.hse.k12.in.us/NBE/home.aspx

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