By Nico Marinello


Ostriches are one of the largest and fastest birds in the world. Moving up to a top speed of 54mph!!! They can grow up to be over 9 feet. But there deet can only move forward. Ostriches have very strong legs attacking predators are quiet for this very fast animals. Especially when they can outrun others.

Body Parts

They also have very strong and broad beaks to bite predators attacking. They have hair all over their body. Lots of ostriches can't breath very well most of the time because they run every day and do not know they have ran out of breath. Ostriches are big one of the tallest in the animalia kingdom.

Ostriches baby

Ostriches have yellow or gold eggs. One egg has around 6 baby's Baby in them. ostriches usually leave their parents when they are around 2 or less years. The parents teach the babies how to eat, hunt, and run just like them. Grown-ups try to protect their baby's until they are out in the wild copying every step their mom or dad takes.


Lots of Ostriches are endangered they are endangered because poachers or hunters kill Ostriches. but we can help that by feeding them more and teach them how to survive in the wild. And protect them from people trying to kill them. and some countries eat Ostriches so, we should at least stand up and tell them to stop.

Ostriches are very unique

Ostriches can't kick legs backward the affect is if enemy's come behind there most likely to get attacked or get hurt so, they need defense from the back to help them survive but, ostriches can swivel forward to try to attack others. Ostriches use their very powerful legs to strut and kick opponets.