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Greenbrook School-wide Theme

The Instructional Leadership has chosen "Take a Second" as our school-wide theme for the year. With the implementation of Second Step this year, we'd like everybody to think about this and use it when appropriate. Whether you are asking a student to take a second before responding to a frustration or whether we, ourselves, need to take a second, it's a good reminder to take a step back from any situation and reflect.

Responsive Classroom for 2019/2020

The Responsive Classroom Committee will now be called the SEL Committee to encompass all of the social-emotional learning that will be taking place throughout the building this year. The committee met last week to plan our Responsive Classroom initiatives for the school year and the First Six Weeks of School.

Our three focus areas for the school year are:

  • First Six Weeks of School
  • Responding to Behavior
  • Teacher Language

Each grade level representative will be guiding you through the First Six Weeks of School. We will continue to use Zones of Regulation, which will also be taught during the First Six Weeks of School using plans the committee updated.

If you have not yet been trained in Responsive Classroom, John and Mark Bocian will be offering training throughout the school year. This is a Greenbrook initiative, and we are encouraging all staff members to become trained. We also discussed providing teachers with a Responsive Classroom mentor if you'd like one.

Using Scissors Safely (Interactive Modeling)

Responsive Classroom Discipline

We will be supporting the usage of logical consequences, a recharge station in all classrooms, and buddy classrooms when correcting behavior.

Logical Consequences should be respectful, realistic and related to the behavior. We always want to be able to give the student the chance to try again within a reasonable amount of time.

Please refer to the Behavioral Flow Chart and the T-Chart of Behaviors when necessary.

Recharge Station-The recharge station should be used when a student is engaging in a behavior that is disruptive or disrespectful in nature. Every teacher will be given a recharge station label. Zones posters should be displayed in this area, and tools for strategies to be used.

School-wide tools to be used include:

  • Five Finger Breathing
  • Wall/hands Push-Ups
  • Squeeze and Release

Buddy Classroom- Please find yourself a buddy teacher (usually the teacher next door) where your student can go to if they need a change in environment. The student shall simply sit and decompress until they are ready to go back and try again. You can also do this without the student knowing by having them take a PURPLE folder to deliver to that teacher. Throughout the building we will know the the purple folder indicates that student needs a break.

Calming Down in Time-Out (Interactive Modeling)

Procedures That Should Be The Same in Every Classroom

In order to effectively carry out the vision of Responsive Classroom, the following procedures must be the same in every classroom, including specials and service providers' rooms when applicable.

Hallway Expectations- Students and teachers alike should be expected to be silent when walking in the hallways. Please require students to stay to the right, walk in a straight line, wave a silent hello, and generally be polite in the hallway. If you need to converse with another staff member while walking in the hallway, please do so quietly as to model expected behavior for our students.

Bathroom Procedures- When students leave your classroom to use the restroom, they should be required to ask permission (hand signal, verbal request, etc.) Specials teacher should model their own procedures for requesting permission to use the bathroom.

Traveling to Specials- Once classroom rules are established, please carry them to specials. You will be provided with a metal ring to keep your rules by your classroom door, so that they are easily accessible. Establishing rules is in Part 1 of the Responsive Classroom book.

Line Order- Please assemble your students in line order, alphabetically by last name. This makes lunchroom and recess lineup and dismissal much easier for those staff who are out there and reduces behavior problems. We understand that as students move in, they will be added to the end of your line, regardless of last name.

Quiet Time- Students shall be using quiet time to READ, DRAW, REST only. We do not want students using quiet time to make up work, write, play games or use chrome books. The purpose of quiet time is to recharge, and we have decided as a committee that quiet time should not be taken away from any student for any reason ever.

Homework- Per district policy, homework can be given, but should be for the purpose of practice. No student shall ever be given a consequence for not completing homework. Non-completion of homework can be used as a discussion piece during parent-teacher conferences or on a parent call if the student's grades are suffering.

Morning Message- Should be done in every classroom, including specials and service providers. It is not necessary for specials and service providers to complete all of the other components of morning meeting.

Breakfast and Lunch Procedures and Expectations

Breakfast- Students will sit by grade level at assigned tables and that grade level will be responsible for each other's garbage.

Lunch- Students will sit in line order at their tables. Teachers will assign a clean up crew (2 students) from their classroom that will be responsible for cleaning up their area. Each table will be assigned a bucket with a hand brush and dustpan for students to use. Overflow tables will remain and expectations will be communicated to students on the first two days of school.

Please check the schedule as to when your class will be reviewing lunchroom expectations with Mr. G and recess expectations with Ms. Parvin.

Modeling of Expectations- A schedule has been created for the modeling of lunchroom and recess expectations by grade level. Kindergarten through third grade will be coming into the lunchroom per the schedule. If a class has a special at that time, the specials teacher will bring the class to the lunchroom and playground. Fourth and fifth grade will be doing this during their regular lunch/recess times. Fourth grade will start on the playground at 11:25. Fifth grade will start in the lunchroom at 11:25 and they will rotate at 11:40.

On Wednesday, August 21, please bring your students to lunch 10 minutes early so we can review expectations with them before lunch starts.

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Dismissal Procedure Changes

To ensure that all students are accounted for, and transportation changes are communicated efficiently, we will no longer be communicating those over the PA at the end of the day. One student per grade level will go to the office to retrieve the transportation changes immediately before closing circle at the end of each day, and it will be your responsibility to communicate those amongst your team. At 3:15, all other students will exit their classroom with their teacher. They will pack up and sit by their lockers until their bus number is called. Nobody should be in the hallway packing up before 3:15, and all teachers shall remain in the hallway with their class until they leave for the day. Walkers and car riders will be dismissed over the PA at 3:20.

Second Step

Second Step will be taught in classrooms this year. You will teach one unit per week on Wednesdays during the time on your schedule that is labeled SS, beginning on August 28th. You will reinforce those skills throughout the rest of the week. We will make a building wide announcement on Wednesday mornings related to the Second Step lessons throughout the year. Administration will be using Second Step language and skills in our conversations with students, so please make sure that those skills are being reinforced throughout the building.


You should all be able to enter your students into your own Seesaw classroom since they have all been previously entered into Seesaw. I will be entering any new students to the building within the next week.

Please let me know if you are new to the building and need assistance with Seesaw.

Crisis Plan and CPI

Becky Caruso, Director of Student Services, is working on scheduling CPI training for those of you who have not yet been trained. We have some new procedures that will be rolling out very soon, in regards to using CPI in the building and what that protocol will be. Please remember that we only use CPI when a student is a danger to himself or others.
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