Catering Manager

By Josh Kessler

The Job Responsibilities

- Managing the food and beverages for the function at hand

-Supervising Catering

-Recruiting and training staff

-Planning Shifts

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Skills required

-Good people skills

-You have to be comfortable with being around multiple people

-You have to be okay working with food

-You have to be good at organizing

-You have to be artistic

-Good communication skills

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You don't require any training but I would help to take classes like art, Foods, Foods 2, business, marketing, and catering.
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Working Enviroment

You get to travel where every your clients need you. You will be working in places such as businesses meetings, funerals, and sport events.
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$30,000 start

$50,000 after 10 years

$55,000 after 20 years

(as of 2015)

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