By Eli and Sam

The 6 steps of the naturalization process

1) Sign a statement that says that they want to become a United States citizen. This is called a Declaration of Intention.

2) Declaration of Intention is filed with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

3) Possible citizens must wait 5 years or more, 3 if married to a US Citizen, to file an application for citizenship.

4) An interview with a USCIS official.

5) Take a citizenship exam that has reading, writing, and speaking English as well as basic facts about US history and gov.

6) Attend a ceremony and pledge an oath of allegiance.

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Loss of citizenship

-Losing citizenship through fraud or deception during naturalization is called denaturalization. This can only happen to those who commit a crime while in the process of applying for US citizenship.

-It is also possible to lose one's citizenship through expatriation, which occurs when one gives up their US citizenship in favor of the citizenship of a different country.

-The last way one can lose his or her citizenship is through committing a certain crime. Crimes such as treason, participating in a rebellion, and violent attempts to overthrow the government can result in loss of citizenship.

What is an Illegal Alien?

An illegal alien is someone who lives in the united states without permission from the government. This can come from expired permits or lack of a US citizenship, and many illegal aliens came to America illegally without applying for residence (in some cases because the process is so arduous and they couldn't afford to wait). For this reason, many illegal aliens live in fear and poverty, without a strong job or governmental support, without basic human rights, and in constant fear of being discovered by the government and being deported back to their country.

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What is a legal alien and what can they do?

Legal aliens are organized into three categories: Resident Aliens, Nonresident aliens, and refugees. A resident alien is someone from a different country who is allowed to live in the United States as long as they want without having to apply for a citizenship. A nonresident alien is someone who is allowed in the US for a short amount of time, and a refugee is someone allowed in due to violence, in the event of fleeing from their country. Most aliens are allowed the same privileges as American citizens, and lead generally similar lives. However, they are not allowed many political rights, such as the right to vote for president, and they must carry an identification card with them at all times.

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