West Valley School District Update

December 14, 2020

Hello West Valley!

We would like to provide several updates regarding the following items:

  • Phase-In Plan Update (4th & 5th Grade)

  • Virtual Snow Day Plan

  • Health & Safety Updates

  • State of the District recorded webinar

Phase-In Plan (as of 12/10/20)

Continuing with the hybrid model, Spokane Regional Health District supports the decision to bring 4th grade students back onsite January 14th (cohort A) and 15th (cohort B) and 5th grade students back onsite January 21st (cohort A) and 22nd (cohort B). Specific information related to the return of 4th and 5th grade students in the hybrid schedule will be shared from each elementary school this week.

Secondary schools are currently working on creating hybrid schedules to support the return of middle and high school students. West Valley School District continues to work with Spokane Regional Health District regarding a date for the return of secondary students following state and local health and safety guidance. We are hopeful for a return date of secondary students in February. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Phase-In Plan (as of 12/10/20)

Virtual Snow Day Plan

In the event that we experience inclement weather conditions in which staff and students cannot safely travel to school buildings, West Valley School District will “pilot” a virtual snow day. When this is necessary, families will receive a communication from WVSD via Bright Arrow message center, the WVSD website, and social media indicating we are implementing a virtual snow day. Each school will be providing the virtual snow day schedule to you before winter break begins and schedules will also be located on the WVSD website here.

Updated Quarantine Guidelines

Spokane Regional Health District adopted new guidelines regarding quarantine for individuals exposed to COVID-19. People with known exposure must quarantine for:

  • RECOMMENDED 14 days after exposure; or,

  • Ten days after exposure as long as no symptoms have developed and exposed person adheres to strict masking and distancing and continues symptom monitoring through Day 14.

Note: SRHD is not recommending the reduced quarantine option of seven days with a negative test due to high incidence rates in the community.

Additionally, students who are experiencing only one Class B symptom, are able to return to school in less than 24 hours if the symptom clears up before the full 24 hour time frame.

State of the District Webinar

We hosted a community webinar on December 10th that focused on enrollment, budget, transportation, nutrition, Levy, and current updates regarding phasing in our students. Please access the State of the District Presentation, recorded video, and WVSD Levy Fact Sheet for more information.

We’d like to thank you for your continued support and resilience through these difficult and trying times and wish your family a safe and joyful winter break.

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