The book talks about who the Anasazi Indians are and where they lived.

Information was given on theories about why the Anasazi Indians left there homes called cliff dwillings in Mesa Verde, Colorado. It also describes how they left Mesa Verde and went to Mexico.

Words I learned

1. Pathogens: An agent that causes infectious disease.

2. Skeletal: Framework consisting of parts of a human body once they have died.

3. Gradual: taking place; changing or moving

Anwering Questions

1. The Anasazi's settlements were special because they built the cliff dwellings themselves out of clay within the cliff.

2. It is unlikely because the Anasazi's had survived worse droughts.

3. There are so theories about the Anasazi Indian's because we do not know for sure how and why they disapeared.

4. I think they left because another tribe took over their settlements throgh war.

Making connections : I read about The Bremuda Triangle .